GECO: new centerfire rifle cartridges for sport shooters

With the cartridges from the new GECO SPORT line first presented at the IWA Show 2018, the manufacturer is directly addressing sport shooters who train a lot and regularly participate in competitions. With these 50-cartridge packs, GECO is offering excellent performance for the price, which makes the ammunition especially interesting for sport shooters whose training routines demand high shot frequency with long guns. 

GECO SPORT centerfire rifle cartridges

The new GECO SPORT ammunition
The new GECO SPORT line is aimed at sport shooters with high ammunition consumption.

Thanks to excellent craftsmanship, the GECO SPORT line is particularly pleasant to shoot. Concretely, this means less recoil and better shooting results. The manufacturer’s in-house developed and high-quality hollow point bullet ensures excellent precision even at long range. 

The nickel-plated bullet jacket reduces barrel wear and facilitates constant muzzle velocity. Additionally, this coating minimizes barrel heating and reduces the need to clean the firearm.

As of April 2018, the following six calibers of the GECO SPORT centerfire rifle cartridges will be available:

7x64 with a 9.0 g bullet weight, .308 Win. 9.5 g, .30-06 9.5 g, .300 Win. Mag. 9.5 g, 8x57 JS 12.1 g and 9.3x62 with 12.7 g bullet. The prices (RRP) range between 65 and 79 euro for 50 cartridges.

Novelty: GECO TARGET is now also available in .308 Win. caliber

Aside from the new .308 Win. caliber, there are three additional variants of the GECO Target:

.223 Rem. with bullet weights of 3.6 and 4.1 grams as well as the 7.62x39 caliber with a bullet weight of 8.0 grams. The new variants in the .308 Win. caliber have a bullet weight of 9.6 grams.

The prices (RRP) begin at 29 euro and go up to 52 euro for the new caliber variants. The prices refer to a package of 50 cartridges.

 GECO Target FMJ in .308 Win. caliber.
The GECO Target FMJ in .308 Win. caliber.

The GECO Target FMJ (full metal jacket) bullet is especially suited for use in semi-automatic weapons with high firing rates. Thus, GECO guarantees best accuracy, which is particularly appreciated in ISPC shooting sports.

Due to its technically relatively simple construction, the GECO full metal jacket is inexpensive to manufacture and is thus particularly interesting for shooting training that involves high intensity, since the ammunition offers a very good price-performance ratio. As a pleasant side effect, the tombac jacket of the of the FMJ bullet from GECO notably decreases barrel soiling and reduces cleaning intervals. 

The new packaging of GECO centerfire rifle cartridges for hunting

Further novelties: all GECO centerfire cartridges for hunting now have optimized packaging with plastic inserts.

All the 20-millimeter carton hunting ammo packs from GECO will in the future have plastic inserts, in which the cartridges will be securely set. The inner inserts protect the bullets and stabilize the entire package. This makes the new packages considerably more durable. In this way, crumpling of the box and its contents during transport is prevented. 

These practical plastic inserts can be broken off into five groups so the cartridges can be inserted in manageable amounts. Hunters will continue to find all relevant cartridge and bullet data on the removable folding card of each package. This includes bullet type, ballistic data, weight, caliber and the recommended application.

The new packages will enter stores successively from spring 2018 onwards and replace the previous styles. The look of the packages will retain the classic GECO red, black and white colors.

GECO centerfire rifle cartridges for hunting packaging 
The new GECO packaging for centerfire hunting rifle cartridges has inner plastic inserts.

Further information about GECO ammunition can be found directly at the website.

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