Fiocchi Nova Bior, GFL and PL2 hunting shotshells

Hot, sunny, dry: hunting with a Setter (or even a flushing dog) as your companion means one thing above all in the Adriatic region and generally speaking all throughout the Mediterranean basin: it's quail shooting season. All you need is the right kind of shotshell, well suited for the climate and this tyoe of hunting. What shells and what caliber should you choose? Well, 12-gauge is still the most widely used, but what about the increasingly popular 20-gauge?

Nova Bior 

A classic buckshot load, featuring low weight (25 grams for 20-gauge loads, 21 grams for 12-gauge loads), no shot cups − replaced by a pad with two identical surfaces − the Fiocchi Nova Bior is impressibly reliable in all climates and under all conditions.
A wide array of shot sizes are available, perfectly suitable for hunting with pointer and flushing dogs; 12-gauge is the most suited one for quail hunting, as it produces broad hit patterns even at short distances − though remaining effective at intermediate ranges as well due to the quantity of pellets. The recoil is relatively strong, but not uncomfortable enough to make a quick and accurate follow-up shot unfeasible. Fiocchi’s green shotshell boxes are legendary between southern European shooters.


With their 28 grams loads and their cups, these versatile shotshells are perfect for medium and long range shots under all conditions and in any climate, even in warm weather.
Since they use #10 shots, they're a perfect choice for the second barrel of a side-by-side or over-and-under shotgun in quail hunting battues – just in case the first shot goes awry or for when the follow-up shot has to engage a target at 20 or 25 metres, or even further away. 

PL2 30

Despite its 30 gram shot load, this 12-gauge shotshell comes with a cup rather than a plug − and is perfect for quail hunting. Being particularly suited for follow-up second or third shots, they're a good choice for semi-automatic shotguns. The main features of the Fiocchi PL2 shotshells are high shot velocity and the capability to hit the prey at medium or long ranges without shredding it – and, they're loaded on beautiful brown casings that provide the kind of genuine hunting feel you can almost only get when quail hunting with dogs.

Fiocchi offers the Nova Bior, GFL and PL2 hunting shotshells in 12-gauge and 20-gauge variants for quail hunting
With the Nova Bior, GFL and PL2 hunting shotshells, the Italian-based Fiocchi company offers some of the finest loads to quail shooting enthusiasts
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