Federal Premium American Eagle Syntech

Federal Premium introduces the American Eagle brand of pistol ammunition at the 2016 SHOT Show
The American Eagle Syntech range of ammunition is one of the most exciting new introductions from Federal Premium, promising to redefine the target-shooting experience 

Among the new products introduced at the 2016 SHOT Show by Federal Premium – an ATK Group brand – is the American Eagle pistol ammunition line featuring a newly-engineered Syntech bullet, a Total Synthetic Jacket (TSJ) ball encapsulated in polymer to prevent bullet-to-bore contact in order to enhance service life and accuracy of firearms while at the same time eliminating copper and lead fouling. 

Combined with specialized clean-burning propellants, the American Eagle Syntech pistol ammunition line from Federal Premium promises to keep guns cleaner and more performant.

The exclusive Catalyst lead-free primer provides an extremely reliable level of ignition. Federal Premium's American Eagle Syntech line of ammunition will be made available on the U.S. market in three loads: 9x19mm 115 grain, .40 Smith & Wesson 165 grain and .45 ACP 230 grain. 

The retail price is set at $19.95 per box for the 9mm variant, at $26.95 per box for the .40-caliber load and at $33.95 for the .45-caliber version.

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