Federal Premium launches a new caliber for rifles: .224 Valkyrie

According to initial information and insider rumors, the new .224 Valkyrie cartridge should be the "new non plus ultra" - as the manufacturer said. The advantages: lightning-fast, flat-shooting long-range cartridges with top accuracy, the .224 Valkyrie is said to tower above the known caliber groups.

Features of the new caliber .224 Valkyrie

The .224 Valkyrie is based on the .30 Remington / 6,8 SPC (Special Purpose Cartridge) and was down-sized to a .224 “ diameter. It should overtop all well-known classical and young competitors in this caliber range like the .223 Remington, .22 Nosler or 6.5 Grendel.

The bullet of the .224 Valkyrie is still in the supersonic range at over 1,300 yards (1,189 meters). Compared to larger calibers such as 6.5 Creedmoor the new cartridge has comparable performance only about half of the felt recoil at a cheaper price.

Thus, the new caliber .224 Valkyrie is mainly made for the US shooting sports disciplines. For example the Precision Rifle Series (PRS) and the corresponding division called “Gas Guns” where semi-automatic AR are used predominantly. In this competition various targets are shot at over long distances in demanding courses under time pressure. 

Of course the .224 Valkyrie can also be used in a bolt action rifle.

Cartridge in caliber .224 Valkyrie
The brand new AR-15-Long-Range cartridge in caliber .224 Valkyrie from Federal.
Cartridge of the .224 Valkyrie Nosler Ballistic Tip
The .224 Valkyrie Nosler Ballistic Tip from Federal is for hunting

In a test with a 24” barrel the .224 Valkyrie with 90 grains Gold Medal Sierra Matchking bullet achieved an impressive initial velocity of about 823 m/s. At a distance of 500 yards (457 m) remain 594 m/s and at 1.000 yards (914 m) a still impressive velocity of 414 m/s are left.

Due to the speed and flat trajectory, the .224 Valkyrie has less bullet drop and wind drift. Compared to other AR-15 calibers, the new .224 has about 325 cm less bullet drop and 175 cm less wind drift (at 16 km/h crosswind) at 1,000 yards.

Federal Premium Ammunition will offer the following ammunition variants in caliber .224 Valkyrie (with MSRP for the US):

  • 90 Grain Gold Medal Sierra MatchKing for $31,95 US-Dollar
  • 60 Grain Nosler Ballistic Tip Varmint for $29,95 US-Dollar
  • 75 Grain American Eagle TMJ for $13,95 US-Dollar
  • 90 Grain Fusion MSR for $28,95 US-Dollar
The .224 Valkyrie Gold Medal Sierra Matchking packing showcased at SHOT Show 2018
Federal Premium: The .224 Valkyrie Gold Medal Sierra Matchking is made for Long-Range-Shooting.
Box of .224 Valkyrie Nosler Ballistic Tip
Federal Premium: The .224 Valkyrie with Nosler Ballistic Tip is made for hunting.
        New caliber:   .224 Valkyrie Fusion for AR-15 models
New caliber from Federal: .224 Valkyrie Fusion for AR-15 models
Long-Range-caliber .224 Valkyrie
Federal Premium: The cartridges in the new caliber .224 Valkyrie are mainly intended to convince in long distance shooting. Savage is offering the MSR 15 in the corresponding caliber. And there is also an option coming from Stag Arms: Stag 15 Valkyrie.

Let's have a look at corresponding new rifles fitting the new caliber .224 Valkyrie:

In keeping with the new rifle caliber .224 Valkyrie, the US manufacturer Savage Arms presented the MSR 15 model in the corresponding caliber already befor Christmas. The semi-automatic rifle with a classical gas operated action system in AR-15 style is competition-ready. You find any further information about the Savage MSR 15 Valkyrie here.

Also STAG ARMS  has showcased a new model called Stag 15 Valkyrie at SHOT Show. It will be available from February 15, 2018. Recommended retail price is around 1.150 USD.

Another option comes from MasterPiece Arms (MPA). They are also ready to introduce the MPA 224 Bolt Action Rifle fitting the new caliber .224 Valkyrie

For more information on the new ammunition from Federal Premium, please visit the US manufacturer website.

All news of the SHOT Show 2018 can be found right here at all4shooters.com.

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