Eley Hawk Superb, now with felt wad

The Eley Superb shotgun ammunition is highly effective at long range against clay targets because of the extra hard, 5% antimony alloy shot, with evenly distributed patterns to ensure powerful breaks.

The regular choice of many competition shooters, now Eley Superb 12/70 is available with fiber wad and a new, distinctive silver case with colour coded print for easy shot size recognition.  Superb cartridge features extra hard lead shot for crisp clean clay breaks and when on target dust the clays at the highest competitive standard.

Exact loading and shot sizing ensures consistency from shot to shot.  Eley Superb is available with 28 gram load, 7, 7.5 and 8 and 9 shot size, a 16 mm deep brass provides a solid base for propelling the load.

Eley Hawk uniquely uses high end PSB powder which produces consistent burn rates from shot to shot – ensures that the shooter can rely on the cartridge performing shot to shot. Now Eley Superb is available also with the New Kleena EVO 5 fiber wad for superior patterns, and reduced residue.

Velocities are V1 1355/V2 1080 fps (fiber wad) 1395/1120 fps (plastic wad).

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