Eley DTL Gold trap shooting cartridge

ELEY Gold Limited offers the DTL Gold sporting shotshells
In May 2016, Lucy Hall won the silver medal for the Juniors category and the bronze medal in the Ladies category at the UK UT Championships – a great result made possible by the Eley DTL Gold shotshells!

Trap shooting is a highly competitive discipline where total concentration and constancy in shot delivery is paramount.

Working closely with some of Britain's – and the world's – best trap shooters, and applying all their feedback to deliver the ultimate trap shooting cartridge, Eley Hawk Ltd. specifically developed the new Eley DTL Gold trap shotshell. 

Offering a markedly reduced muzzle flip for that all important second barrel, high antimony hard shot for dense patterns and better more consistent breaks, and the special PDB 6+ Powder designed to produce very low recoil to minimise fatigue during competitions, these cartridges are designed to keep the shooter on target for the perfect 300 straight.

Eley's DTL Gold cartridge is available in 12 gauge with 28-grams loads of 7, 7.5 or 8 lead shot size. Magnum Extra Hard Lead shots allow for crisp, clean clay breaks − and when on target, they dust the clays at the highest competitive standard. Accurate propellant loads and shot sizing ensures shot-to-shot consistency, a very important factor to achieve that 300 straight score 

Muzzle velocity for all loads is 1310 feet-per-second; the shell is 70mm long, and sports a 16mm brass head depth.

Eley Hawk loads the DTL Gold solely with high-end PSB propellants, which produce consistent shot-to-shot burn rates – ensuring that the shooter can rely on performance continuity from every shell and a vastly reduced muzzle climb. The superior PSB propellants also ensure that the shot load is not overblown and the pattern doesn't spread in a way that will cause a miss.

Last, the consistency in power burning ensures manageable recoil and ensures that the recoil from the first shot doesn't put the shooter off the second shot, raising the number of broken targets.

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