Baschieri & Pellagri National: the new 12-ga cartridge for clay shooting tested at the shooting range

With the 12 gauge National cartridge designed for clay shooting, Baschieri & Pellagri has created a product for this 2021 that would like to interpret the feeling of a newfound national identity by uniting all Italian fans towards the recovery. The National cartridge comes with a distinctive design and packaging. The latter and the cartridge case recall the Italian tricolor and encapsulate the technology of this company that has enjoyed worldwide success since 1885. After having talked about it on several occasions for its official presentation, we decided – as we always do at – to go directly into the field: from the stages of the Olimpia shooting range in Crevalcore: we wanted to show the performance of the new National cartridge and to share with you the impressions from professional shooters, in this case Daniele Resca, after a training session with the new Baschieri National cartridges.

Video: Baschieri & Pellagri 12-gauge National, the new cartridge tested at the shooting range

Details of the National cartridge by Baschieri & Pellagri

The Gordon System technology that allows the cartridge to be comfortable to shoot and effective is shown on the new packaging of Baschieri & Pellagri National. 

Baschieri & Pellagri National in 12 gauge is a mild cartridge that, without sacrificing velocity, provides ideal comfort to the shooter thanks to the Gordon System case. Particularly appreciated by both hunters and shooters since its introduction in the early 90's, the Gordon is a cartridge case characterized by an innovative shock absorbing basewad made of plastic. Together with the metal head it creates a structure that is resistant to stress during firing and ejection. The Gordon basewad is therefore able to absorb part of the recoil felt on the shoulder by the shooter, unlike traditional rigid base wads made of pressed paper or plastic. It is important to point out that the Gordon System does not only work in the direction of the shooter's shoulder, reducing felt recoil, but also in the opposite direction: thanks to the wadding, less stress is placed on the pellets, which thus maintain a better sphericity, producing more dense and uniform patterns that are therefore more penetrating.

These fundamental functions carried out by the different components of the National cartridge can be clearly seen on the new packaging that shows the structure and effectiveness of Baschieri & Pellagri technology.

The National cartridge is loaded with 5% antimony shot, a specially formulated powder and a new B&P designed wad to ensure even more homogeneous and consistent patterns at different shooting ranges. The cartridges have 28 and 24-g loads. The lead numbers available are 7.5 - 8-9.5 for the 24-g version and shot numbers 7.5 - 8 for the 28-g cartridge. The ballistic tests carried out by the Baschieri team produced excellent results with velocities of over 400 m/s for both cartridges and groupings that at 30 meters proved to be well distributed and penetrating. We are now waiting for to try the new National cartridges and share with you our impressions and results.

Impressions from the shooting range

The tests carried out by Baschieri's staff within the company were reflected by the positive feedback from shooters. We are at the Olimpia shooting range in Crevalcore, Italy, in the company of Baschieri's ballistic technician Gianluca Garolini and Daniele Resca, born in 1986, an Olympic Trap specialist, team silver medalist at the 2005 Junior World Shooting Championships in Lonato, individual bronze medalist and team gold medalist at the 2006 Junior World Shooting Championships in Zagreb. We follow Daniele in a training session. He confirms the mildness of the National cartridge on the shoulder, which greatly facilitates the concentration and accuracy during the shooting sessions. Not only that. To have further proof of effectiveness and power of impact, we alternate the normal clay pigeons with some flash clays, which are notoriously harder and more resistant, given their greater thickness. The result does not change and the clays are hit one after the other cleanly and regularly. This is a clear demonstration that with the National cartridge Baschieri & Pellagri has created a product both for clay shooting newcomers, who are facilitated by the firing comfort, and a high level cartridge for professionals who need safety in training or competition.

Baschieri & Pellagri National cartridge specs

Head Brass:
20 mm
2 3/4” (70 mm)
7/8 oz (24 g)
7.5 - 8 - 9.5
Shotgun Chamber (mm): 
70, 76, 89

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For more information about the National cartridge please visit the Baschieri & Pellagri website.

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