.30 Nosler, a new hunting ammunition caliber

Nosler introduces the .30 Nosler caliber at the 2016 SHOT Show
Nosler will also manufacture reloading supplies for shooters and hunters wishing to explore the capabilities of the .30 Nosler caliber through handloading

New in the Nosler family of proprietary cartridges is the .30 Nosler – a caliber conceived for hunting purposes, sharing the same parent case used by its predecessors (.26 Nosler and .28 Nosler) but also featuring all the best attributes of currently available .30-caliber Magnum loads. 

The .30 Nosler round easily meets the velocity of the .300 Weatherby, headspaces on the shoulder like a .300 Remington Ultra Magnum, sports the efficient powder column of the .300 Winchester Short Magnum and fits in the same standard length action of a .300 Winchester Magnum – allowing for a lighter weight and shorter bolt throw when compared to Magnum length actions.

The .30 Nosler is a SAAMI standardized cartridge making for consistent brass and chamber dimensions industry wide. Nosler will be supporting this new cartridge with its own brass, Trophy Grade ammunition and with a variant of its M48 line of bolt-action hunting rifle in a 26-inch barrel configuration chambered for the new caliber. 

The initial offerings in Nosler’s Trophy Grade ammunition provide the ideal blend of velocity, power and downrange terminal performance. 

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