Walther Pro Lights: an overview

Walther Pro lights are developed and manufactured using the most advanced technologies currently available.

The line of Walther lights consists of the following segments:

- Walther Nano Lights

- Walther Pocket Lights

- Walther Extreme Lights

- Walther Headlamps

With unique features,  the premium German manufacturer can provide the best possible illumination in the most compact form. These newly designed headlamps, penlights and flashlights with cutting-edge LED technology from Carl Walther have been uncompromisingly tailored to meet user needs. 

Products range from the NL10 mini-light that weighs less than five grams to the large rechargeable XL7000r flashlight with a whopping 2,200 lumens – halfway between these two is the Walther Pro PL80 flashlight at 535 lumens, which recently emerged as the winner in an exhaustive comparison test by geocaching fans.

This model sells for € 69.90 and is widely available - either at Amazon or Frankonia.  

If you prefer something a bit more powerful, take a look at the PL70r: this rechargeable flashlight provides super brilliant 935 lumens and can be operated with either low-cost AAA batteries, rechargeable batteries or high performance CR123 batteries. The special “multi-battery system" (MBS) means you don’t have to decide on a battery type before buying and can instead choose which battery you want depending on how the flashlight is to be used. The light beam can be focused with one hand using a patent-pending lens and reflector system. 

Walther Pro Lights: an overview
The Walther headlamp HL11
Walther Pro Lights: an overview
Wahlter PL70r - a rechargeable flashlight that provides 935 lumens and can be operated with inexpensive AAA batteries, rechargeable batteries or CR123 batteries
Walther Pro Lights: an overview
Walther XL7000r: at 2200 lumens it’s surely the most powerful of the Walther Pro line

Users appreciate the uniform and easy to operate controls on Walther Pro lights:

When the micro button is pressed once, the light burns at 100 percent capacity. If you press again within 3 seconds, it switches to 40-percent power, and then again to the lowest (10 percent) power level. A fourth click will turn the light off. If left at a particular power setting for more than three seconds, another click will turn off the light rather than switch it to a lower brightness level. This reflects common practice in everyday use and avoids the time-consuming need to click through a range of settings. You’ll quickly come to appreciate this "short cut off" (SCO) feature.

Walther Pro Lights: an overview
Walther PL70r includes a lot of accessories, like an external charger for the cigarette lighter in your car or a USB connection

Oh, and by the way, you can easily reprogram the 100/40/10 percent switching sequence – so it starts with the lowest power setting instead of the highest, which is better suited for checking identity documents and reading maps. 

For more on this feature, please visit the website www.walther-pro. And here’s another little insider tip: You can restore the factory settings simply by opening the battery compartment.

Lights for self-defense and self-protection:

All Walther Pro models from the PL30 on up are equipped with a "tactical defense strobe" (TDS). This feature will keep any potential assailant at bay – its fast flash mode confuses an attacker, giving you time to gain a little distance. 

To enable TDS on your Walther per lamp, regardless of what level of brightness it’s set to and even when the lamp is turned off, all you need do is press the micro switch for more than 0.5 seconds. TDS is absolutely reliable for self-defense and works at the click of a button owing to the light’s practical design – so there’s no need to stop and think twice or click through long menus. We think it’s a striking and worthwhile feature.

Once you get to know them, it’s obvious: these lights were made by users for users

A number of little details are what make the new Walther LED lights so easy to operate. If you want to compare the technical data with other manufacturers, you should know that all Walther Pro performance data were determined under the rigorous ANSI FL1 industry standard. 

Accordingly, maximum brightness is not measured immediately but only after the light has been on for 30 seconds. Many simple LED lamps begin to dim at this point, producing significantly lower lumen values. 

Range, burn time and drop impact resistance are determined according to ANSI standards. You can find out more about ANSI here: http://www.walther-pro.de/lights/en/technology/group/11-was-ist-eigentlich/21/ansi-fl1-standard.html

Information on all Walther Pro lights is available here for comparison. You can even try them out online:


You can find additional information at the new Walther Pro website:

Screenshot of the Pro Walther website
Screenshot of the Pro Walther website

So, give Santa a little tip: because a genuine Walther flashlight is what you’ve always wanted, right?

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