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Walther flashlights

Alpina Sport headlamp
The Alpina Sport ASO1 headlamp

The Alpina Sport ASO1 is a lightweight headlamp with a luminous output of up to 75 lumens in spite of its compact design. Available in four colors, it can also be easily attached using clips - without headband.

The PL60 is a Walther Pro line flashlight featuring a maximum output of 500 lumens with adjustable brightness levels of 100 %, 40 %, 10 % plus Tactical Defense Strobe (TDS) and Beam Adjustment System. The flashlight’s matte aircraft aluminum body is IPX 8 certified, meaning it’s waterproof down to 15 m. Length is 140 mm. Also available, the PL60 RS version with the same features plus an universal holder and cable switch.

Walther Pro XL3000r flashlight
Walther Pro XL3000r high power flashlight

Also in the Walther Pro line, XL3000r is a powerful giant with 3 high-quality aluminum reflectors and 3 scratch-proof lenses reaching 2700 lumen of light output that can be adjusted from 100% to 40% to 10%.  A multi battery system allows the use of 4x D-Cell-Ni-MH-Pack (included), 4x D Alkaline or 4x D Ni-MH for a run time of 2:25, 5:50 or 22 hours (100%/40%/10%) depending on selected output level.

Walther headlamp
Walther Pro HL31R headlamp

The Walther Pro HL31R is a very powerful head lamp with rechargeable battery and wide range of charging accessories included. 

Maximum output is 750 lumen, that can be adjusted from 100% to 40% to 10%. Comes with one ICR 18650 rechargeable battery, a battery adapter for 3x AAA, a charging cradle, USB cable, USB-car charger (Input: 12V / 24V) and power supply.

signal cones
White signal cones can be used in conjunction with coloured filters

Now available as an accessory for the PLR70, 70r and 80 flashlights, the Walther Pro filter set is available in four different colors: Red ensures night version, Blue for improved discovery of bodily fluids (blood/sweat etc.), Yellow for reduced glare in case of fog and green for wildlife watching. Also available a set of two signal cones and an Anti-Roll Protection Set, a matte pentagonal ring made of sturdy plastic that prevents the flashlight from rolling away on the floor, Suitable for: PL70, PL70r, PL80.

Alpina Sport knives and multi tool

Le novità per l'outdoor Umarex
Alpina Sport multi tool

Dedicated to trekking, hiking and mountaineering enthusiasts, the Alpina Sport line includes some fixed and folding knives, a multi tool and some other bladed tools (axe, saw, machete) featuring a plastic handle with rubber inserts and a black/blaze orange color pattern. Into the same line, the Ancho is a Scandinavian style fixed blade knife with plastic sheath and handle available in black, green and orange color.

Last but not least, the Umarex NXG blowgun is now available with 30,40 and 60” tube and neoprene grip.

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