SIG Sauer KILO-2000 laser rangefinder

SIG Sauer introduces the KILO-2000 laser rangefinder at the 2016 SHOT Show
The KILO-2000 is a powerful laser rangefinder engineered for extreme accuracy at all practical ranges

The first laser rangefinder introduced by the newly-founded Electro-Optical Division of SIG Sauer, the KILO-2000 has been conceived for pinpoint accuracy, and sports a plethora of extremely intriguing features.

The HyperScan mode provides updating capabilities at four times per second – just as fast as SIG Sauer's patented LightWave DSP technology; the capability to range reflective targets at 3,400 yards, trees at 1,500 yards, and deer at 1,200 yards makes the KILO-2000 a simple and intuitive aid for long-distance ranging.

The built-in inclinometer of the KILO-2000 rangefinder calculates the proper Angle-Modified Range (AMR) for angled shots to ensure accuracy – while theLumatic OLED (Organic Light Emitting Diode) display automatically adjusts its intensity to match ambient light conditions, bright in bright conditions and dim in twilight to protect the shooter’s eye.

The KILO-2000’s simplified user interface clearly displays the system status, but while ranging, it only provides the necessary range data. The rangefinder has a magnification of 7x and an objective clear aperture of 25mm. Its size is actually 76x107x33 mm. The capabilities of the KILO2000 have created a rangefinder fit for any situation a shooter might encounter. MSRP for the United States has been set at $499,99.

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