Minox ACX400 Action Camera

Minox ACX400 Action Camera-002.JPG
The Minox ACX400 action camera  mounted on a 9mm Just Right carbine.

Successor of the Minox ACX300, which we reviewed in this article, the new ACX400 not only adds the ability to shoot in 4k, but is also a full update to the action camera body, improving some details (such as the battery and memory card doors) that in the previous camera generation was not thoroughly thought out. The new 14.0 megapixel, 1/2.3" CMOS sensor is still manufactured by Sony; the ultra wide-angle, 7-element, f / 2.8 lens, with a focal length equivalent to 5mm on of a standard 35mm DSLR (allowing 150 degrees image coverage of the scene) also still features an excellent Gyro electromechanical stabilization.

Minox ACX400 Action Camera-004.JPG

On the upper side of the Minox ACX400 we find the power / menu selection button and the recording button. Two LEDs confirm the Action Cam condition.

The firmware of the camera has also been significantly improved. Navigating through the various settings is easier and interesting new features have been added. The shooting settings have increased, adding many new options, and for video, in addition to the obvious 4K (at 25 fps) and the 3K to 30 fps increase, the ability to shoot up to 240 fps (super slow motion) at 480p resolution has been added. The 1980p and 720p modes are available at 60 and 30, and 120, 60 and 30fps respectively. You can review and manage footage immediately after shooting on the 2" display built in the Action Cam.

The ACX400 housing finally features a standard 1 / 4-20 UNC threaded brass photo tripod mount, that is also compatible with Manfrotto, Arca-Swiss and other quick release plates, special attachments and accessories. In the Action Camera package we find both the IP68 dive case, which is waterproof up to a 30m depth, and a lightweight adapter that slips around the naked camera and adds a standard Go-Pro mounting interface.

Minox ACX400 Action Camera-007.JPG
The bracelet-remote control features three buttons. It uses a CR2032 battery.

The Minox ACX400 camera can be remotely controlled using a WiFi bracelet with three buttons (to start and stop shooting or to snap a picture), or via smartphone again via WiFi, using a freely downloadable app for both iOS and Android. In this last case, the app displays the point of view of the camera in real time (to check the shot, for example, when mounting the action cam on a helmet) and even download the shots directly from the Action Camera in the smartphone's memory for immediate YouTube upload or your Social media sharing.

Minox ACX400 Action Camera-010.JPG
The Minox ACX400 case is waterproof up to a depth of 30 m and is GoPro-accessories compatible.

We tried to shoot with the Minox ACX400 mounted on many different firearms - we use it daily to video the shooter's "point of view" - and, as with the previous ACX300 model, even with harsh recoil pulses like those from 12 Magnum gauge Slug cartridges we did not have any problems. The specs, operation and general features are in fact the very same to those of the ACX300. We suggest to check out our in-depth article on that Action Cam. We also found that the image quality of photos and video shot at the same resolution and settings are quite similar, with a slight increase in density and saturation, so colors seem more intense. In our opinion, the engine that manages automatic exposure has been greatly improved.

The Minox A400 Action Camera LCD display
The Minox ACX400 Action Cam features a LCD display where you can check scene framing and playback recorded images.
The Minox A400 Action Camera activation button
The front button activates the WiFi function. When active a blue LED is on.

With higher bitrates, 4k and slow motion, it is mandatory to use MicroSD XC class 10 U1 memory cards or better to avoid lost frames and “jarred” video. 

Wrap up:  in our opinion, as heir of the ACX300, the new Minox ACX400 does not disappoint expectations.

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