LaserLyte CM-K15 Center Mass laser sight

LaserLyte Sight Center Mass CM-K15
LaserLyte's CM-K15 Center Mass laser sight is available in both black and desert tan versions

US-based LaserLyte − whose headquarters are located in the town of Cottonwood (Arizona) − is one of America's most notorious manufacturers of laser products, and a global top player in the field of laser sights, laser-based training systems, bore-sighters, and other similar shooting paraphernalia..

A true innovator in laser technologies, LaserLyte launched its first Center Mass laser sight in 2013, resulting immediately into a global market success. Originally conceived mainly for shotguns, the Center Mass laser sight has since spawned handgun, rifle and carbine variants, with many others coming in 2015; it has also been "adopted" as a factory-issued accessory by famed shotgun maker O.F. Mossberg & Sons, Inc. − some models of the 500 "Cruiser" and 500 "Persuader" Tactical Tri-Rail lines currently ship with the Center Mass laser as part of the package − and LaserLyte officially received a U.S. patent for the design on November 25, 2014.

LaserLyte Sight Center Mass CM-K15
The CM-K15 "Center Mass" laser is issued with a remote activation switch cable, and is powered through a single CR123A battery

The latest variant of LaserLyte's Center Mass laser sight system to hit the stores is the CM-K15 variant, available in black and Desert Tan versions. While mainly conceived for tactical rifles and carbines, and for all modern sporting rifles in general, the Center Mass CM-K15 laser sight is extremely sturdy and perfectly capable to withstand the recoil shocks of high-caliber firearms, and can thus be safely used on shotguns, large-frame pistols, and generally on any firearm featuring a MIL-STD-1913 "Picatinny" rail interface 3" (7,62 centimetres) or longer.

The shape of the LaserLyte Center Mass CM-K15 laser sight vaguely reminds the outlines of some higher-end tactical laser aiming modules used by Armed Forces personnel, and generally not available to the general public; it is, however, a strictly civilian-grade product, sporting a Class IIIA laser emitter and a 5mw, 532nm output power that makes it relatively safe to use in most conditions − purported all due precautions are taken, as it should always be with lasers − and civilian-legal in most Countries where laser pointers are not illegal to install on firearms.

LaserLyte Sight Center Mass CM-K15
The nine-dots pattern of the CM-K15 "Center Mass" laser provides greater visibility and allows easier and faster target engagement

The LaserLyte Center Mass CM-K15 laser sight is 2.88"/7,3cm long, 2.57"/6,6cm wide and 1.55"/3,94cm high, and weighs barely 141 grams; it is built around a 55% fibreglass-reinforced Nylon outer chassis, featuring an inner machined 6061 aluminum core for durability, reliability, and resistance to water, moisture, dust, and other potentially harmful elements.

The Center Mass CM-K15 laser sight is powered through a single, commercial-grade CR123A battery − stored in a watertight compartment with a tethered cap to prevent loss during in-the-field battery changes − offering a continuous runtime service life of six hours.

The activation button located on top of the laser can be used as a momentary switch or with a quick double tap, will turn the laser to a constant on mode. A remote pressure switch with a ten-inch length, two-inch tape switch area with copper braided cord is also included. The offset design of the CM-K15T allows the user a variety of mounting options.

The most innovative feature of the LaserLyte CM-K15 Center Mass laser is its double lens system, allowing the user to switch between a single, focused beam or a peculiar diffused output: a ring of eight green laser dots with one green laser dot in the center as the aiming area.

LaserLyte Sight Center Mass CM-K15
The CM-K15 "Center Mass" sight is also issued with a filter that concentrates the nine individual beams in a single dot for those who prefer a more conventional laser

The circle grows at one-inch per yard (30,48 centimeters per 0,94mt) − aapproximately the same configuration as a shotgun aimed at a moving target − and provides quicker and easier engagement capabilities on short-to-medium range targets, more specifically making it easier to align your gun with the area of your target that's easier to hit (the "Center Mass", that is).

Even when used on handguns, rifles and carbines, the Center Mass output mode maximizes first-shot hit capabilities, allowing the shooter to keep both his/her eyes open when engaging the target and to use either iron sights, back-up sights, or optical sights; plus, the grin light laser is perfectly visible in broad daylight, and even more visible than a standard red-light laser in night-time or otherwise poor environmental lighting conditions.

The LaserLyte CM-K15 Center Mass laser sight is already available in the United States at an average street price of around $79.00; being manufactured in the United States, it is subject to ITAR export restrictions, meaning that it may not be available everywhere: prospective non-US buyers may want to contact LaserLyte to inquire about local import and distributors.