New collection of the GLOCK Silver Flag Line 2018: Apparel for fans

GLOCK not only produces popular and famous pistols,  GLOCK Apparel offers clothing for shooters and true fans. Every fan can show their passion for GLOCK pistols with the Silver Flag Line. The small pistol logo on a silver background is the mark of the brand. Without a doubt, the lifestyle idea in this collection is in the focus.

New collection 2018 of the GLOCK Silver Flag Line apparel

The GLOCK Confidence T-Shirt.
The GLOCK Confidence T-shirt.

Confidence T-shirt

The grey T-shirt made of 100 % cotton has the print "Confidence It's What You Carry. GLOCK" on frontside. At the center of backneck there is the woven mainlabel of GLOCK Perfection. It is available in the sizes of XXL-XS.  

GLOCK Gen5 Shirt
The black Gen5 T-Shirt with GLOCK print of the G17.

Gen5 T-shirt

The black T-shirt has a V-neck and is made of 100% cotton. There is a large print of the GLOCK 17 Gen5 pistol in reflective silver and glossy black on the chest. On the backside of the shirt is the GLOCK Perfection logo print. The T-shirt is available in the sizes XXL-XS.

G17 Polo shirt

The high quality polo shirt in gray is also made of 100 % cotton. The collar and sleeve hem out of 1x1 rib with elasthane in melange grey and an orange contrast stripe. The GLOCK Perfeciotn logo print is on the left side of the chest. On the back there is the GLOCK 17 logo print. The Polo-shirt is available in the sizes XXL-XS. 

Front of the GLOCK G17 Polo Shirts
The front of the GLOCK G17 Polo Shirt.
GLOCK G17 Polo T-Shirt 
The backside of the GLOCK G17 Polo Shirt.
GLOCK Polo Shirt Details
The collar of the polo shirt is made of elasthan.

G17 Rugby Shirt

The longsleeve shirt is in dark grey and is made of 100 % cotton. On the left chest is an embroidered G17 logo and the year 1980. In this year the first GLOCK 17 pistol hit the market and caused a sensation. Over the years, the G17 has become the most popular and best-selling polymer pistol in the world. The Rugby shirt is also available in sizes XXL-XS.

Details of Rugby Shirts
The embroidered logo on the chest of the G17 rugby shirt.
GLOCK Rugby Shirt
The longsleeve Rugby shirt from GLOCK.

Functional T-Shirt for women and men

The GLOCK Functional T-Shirt is made of 100 % polyester and breathable. The shirt is ulrta-lightweight and extremely quick-drying. It comes in black and grey with orange flatlock seams. The functional shirt is suitable for all sports and available in the sizes XXL-S.  

Functional T-Shirt for woman from GLOCK
The functional shirt by GLOCK has a large logo on the side.
GLOCK Functional T-shirt
The T-shirt is breathable and very light.

The apparel of the GLOCK Silver Flag Line are all comfortable to wear and available in differnet sizes from well-stocked retailers.

You will find more informations and further products directly at the GLOCK Apparel website.

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