First Tactical Gear Review

First Tactical’s motto is “Made to serve those who serve others”. First Tactical works first-hand with real-world users to create gear, clothing, shoes, and accessories that meet the needs of public security. This creates products that are suited for particularly demanding conditions. 

We selected a few gear items from First Tactical’s wide range of products so we could take a closer look at them and try them out.

Professional gear from First Tactical

We took a look at the following gear from First Tactical:

– Tactix 1-Day Plus Backpack

– BDU pants from the Tactix series

– BDU long-sleeved shirt from the Tactix series

– Rifle sleeve

Tactix 1-Day Plus Backpack 

Tactix 1-Day Plus Backpack 
The popular backpack from First Tactical: Tactix 1-Day Plus Backpack.

This backpack from the Tactix series is one of First Tactical’s most popular and best-selling products. It’s no wonder, considering that the Tactix 1-Day Plus Backpack offers lots of storage space and is also compatible with MOLLE/PALS parts. So the backpack can be kitted out with add-on parts, allowing for easy expansion of its features. 

The "Lynx Laser Cut System" offers twice as many attachment options, and is also 20% stronger than other tactical bags. The Tactix 1-Day Plus backpack has 7 outer pockets and 9 inner pockets. Overall, it has a capacity of 40.5 liters and weighs 1.9 kg without any add-on parts. With the rigid back wall, the adjustable tightening straps, and the padded shoulder straps, the backpack is comfortable to carry.

Tactix BDU clothing 

Tactix BDU Pants
Hard-wearing tactical clothing from First Tactical: BDU pants from the Tactix series.

The BDU pants and the shirt from First Tactical’s Tactix series are made for rugged environments. Typical for the design of a battle dress uniform (BDU) is the practical ripstop fabric.


The Tactix Series Long Sleeve BDU Shirt is available in four colors: black, khaki, dark blue, and olive green. The durable shirt is made of polyester and cotton. It is Teflon-coated and has a concealed zip front. The shirt is very hard-wearing and built for all conceivable conditions that security specialists might encounter. It is outfitted with two breast pockets and a hidden front pocket. 

The Tactix BDU Pants from First Tactical match the shirt and produce a uniform when worn together. The pants with ripstop fabric are very sturdy and tailored for all demanding conditions. Like the shirt, they are made of polyester and cotton with a Teflon finish. The pants have reinforced belt loops to accommodate even heavy gear around the waist. The pockets offer plenty of storage: with 2 rear pockets, 2 side pockets, and 2 large thigh pockets, there’s stacks of space to keep necessary items.

First Tactical rifle sleeve

First Tactical rifle sleeve is available in 3 sizes and 3 colors: 36, 42 and 50 inches — for rifles of these lengths. The colors are: black, khaki/sand, and olive green. 

We tested the 36 inch rifle sleeve. Its dimensions were 96.5 cm x 26.7 cm x 3.8 cm (L/H/W). The sleeve weighed 750 g and had a capacity of approx. 9.8 liters. It is fashioned from robust nylon with a soft, 1 cm thick inner lining made of cellulose. The handles even have extra padding. 

The sleeve have straps to hold the rifle in place. The barrel and muzzle of the rifle are inserted into a hardened cup in the sleeve. This ensures that the rifle cannot slip and is ideally protected.   

Rifle sleeve from First Tactical
The rifle sleeve from First Tactical is available in 3 sizes and 3 colors.

Apart from the products in the video, First Tactical also has a new range of fireproof and cut-resistant tactical gloves. Click here for our review of the "Slash&Flash” gloves.

For more information please visit First Tactical website.

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