Crosman new products 2017: optics, bows and replicas

One of these new items from Crosman are the scopes of the series "Spectrum". There are three of them presented. First two long range models: the model LR412FFPS1 (4-12x44 mm) and the model LR394FFPS1 (3-9x40 mm). These ones features side parallax adjustment for optimal image focus and parallax removal. The other scope is a close range model, the LR142FFp1 (1-4x24 mm). This one features low magnification for quick target acquisition in close-quarter scenarios. 

Spectrum scope
The scopes from Spectrum series by Crosman.

Until now, riflescopes with reticles in the first focal plane have been priced out of reach for value-conscious shooters. But with the Spectrum series, Center Point optics is breaking the price barrier and bringing this exclusive feature to an accessible yet high quality line of scopes. And, of course, the Center Point spectrum series also features best in class optical clarity and high quality materials that performance and durability in any shooting situation. Built with aircraft aluminum, full, one piece tube bodies and glass etched reticles protected by two layers of glass, these scopes offer crisp, presicion optics, durable construction and consistent repeatability. All spectrum scopes will ship in a premium retail box and on-product marketing brand.

Remington 1875 CO2 revolver of Crosman

The 1875 CO2-Revolver Remington
The 1875 CO2-Revolver Remington loads like a real single action revolver with each BB or pellet cartridge inserted separately into the cylinder chambers through the loading gate on the right side of the frame.

Under the brand of Remington, Crosman present at the booth a realistic Remington 1875 replica. The caliber is .177 and it’s powered by CO2. The customer has the possibility to use BBs also as normal pellets. So the features of this fine replica are the dual ammo, nickel finish with faux ivory grip, functional hammer, load gate and extractor.

Technical features of the CO2 Revolver Remington 1875 from Crosman

Crosman Remington 1875
Caliber:4,5 mm / .177
Steel BB Velocity:Up to 450 fps
Capacity:6 cartridges
333 mm / 13,125 inch
Weight:1.043 g / 2,3 lbs
Barrel Material:Steel
Material Grip:Synthetic
Price (MSRP):139,99 US-Dollar

New bows from Crosman

But this is not the last new thing: two compound bows are to find at the booth. The named Kronos and Eos Hunter. The first one, Kronos (up to 295 fps) is a great transitional bow for young archers ready to take on big game hunting. He got an adjustable draw weight of 15 lbs to 55 lbs, an adjustable draw length of 19 to 29 inch, off-set string suppressor reduces bow noise. The Eos Hunter (up to 300 fps) has an adjustable draw weight of 20 lbs to 70 lbs, an adjustable draw length of 19 to 31 inch and also off-set string suppressor reduces bow noise.

Technical features of the bows from Crosman

Model:KronosEos Hunter
Material:Aluminium and FiberglassAluminium and Fiberglas
Draw weight:6,8 - 25 kg / 15-55 lbs9 - 32 kg / 20-70 lbs
Draw length:48 - 74 cm / 19-29 inch48 - 79 cm / 19-31 inch
Weight:1.270 g / 2,8 lbs1.860 g / 4,1 lbs
Arrow velocity:Up to 295 fpsUp to 300 fps
Price (MSRP):279,99 US-Dollar419,99 US-Dollar

Of course, Crosman would not be one of the largest manufacturers of compressed air-rifles, if they do not offer innovations in this field as well. New silencers for air-rifles, airsoft guns and much more stuff is presented by Crosman at the SHOT Show 2017 in Las Vegas, Nevada, one of the most important shows for the American gun industry. 

The Kronos bow from Crosman
The compound Kronos bow for beginners from Crosman.

You can find further information on all Crosman news products, directly on the website of the US manufacturer.

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