Blackhawk OMNIVORE Holster

The new OMNIVORE holster for pistols from Blackhawk!
New from Blackhawk!: the OMNIVORE holsters, available in three different heights.

The ambitious OMNIVORE project is the result of further development to a holster which the 60 year old chief Blackhawk holster designer Chuck Buis created for a European special forces unit some time ago. The model for a Glock G17 with a mounted SureFire X300 weapon flashlight was a holster from the popular SERPA series with the typical index finger button on the outside of the holster body.

On the new OMNIVORE holsters (“omnivore” = lat. “devours all”), however, the manually operated safety element has been realized as a thumb button that faces the shooter’s body on the rear of the holster.

How the Blackhawk OMNIVORE Holster works

Blackhawk OMNIVORE Holster: comfortable, safe, versatile and affordable
Blackhawk OMNIVORE really impresses when it comes to versatility and real-world ability.

The model designation “OMNIVORE” is no coincidence: conservative estimates put the number of pistol brands/models with a Picatinny rail on the dust cover of the frame – which the Blackhawk OMNIVORE holster (both with and without a weapon flashlight) can accommodate – at over 150. 

Two different OMNIVORE models have been designed for firearms with the popular SureFire X300 as well as Streamlight TLR 1 and 2 weapon flashlights. Another model has been produced for pistols without this accessory.

But the unique thing about the OMNIVORE holster is that the pistol does not touch the holster at all — the firearm is fixed in place solely using a mechanism that locks onto the weapon flashlight. Hence, in order to use the Blackhawk OMNIVORE with models without a weapon flashlight, an included plastic adapter will need to be screwed onto the mounting rail of the frame so that the pistol can be fixed in place in the holster. 

Conclusion of the Blackhawk OMNIVORE Holster

Blackhawk! OMNIVORE, holster for pistol with or without a flashlight
One-size-fits all with a high safety standard: The brand-new Blackhawk OMNIVORE level 2 retention holster fits almost every full-sized pistol on the planet with a MIL-STD-1913 mounting rail, whether with or without a weapon flashlight. The trio (top to bottom): For pistols without a weapon flashlight, with mounted Streamlight TLR-1/TLR-2 or SureFire X300.

The OMNIVORE concept makes sense, especially in the USA where there are also many civilians who have multiple pistols for concealed carry and self-defense, because all you need is one holster with a consistent/identical operating mechanism for all firearms. 

The OMNIVORE corresponds to the requirements for a “level 2 retention” holster thanks to the active thumb button safety, which is pushed downwards and allows for a natural grip on the weapon when drawing it, as well as an adjusting screw for modifying the draw resistance. It comes in a full set with a belt loop and paddle plate, as well as two additional interchangeable thumb buttons in different heights for the safety. 

The three different heights (“Low”, “Medium”, and “High”) allow the holster and its safety mechanism to be optimized to the shooter’s individual hand size. 

The new Blackhawk OMNIVORE universal safety holster costs €71.95.

The complete set of the Blackhawk! OMNIVORE
The complete set with two different rear plates, two additional interchangeable thumb buttons for the safety, as well as a special rail adapter for pistols (for the Blackhawk OMNIMORE “Non-Light Bearing” model) comes with all the bells and whistles. The belt loop and paddle plate can be mounted at various angles and heights. Furthermore, the belt plate can be adjusted to belt widths ranging from 1” (2.54 cm) to 1.75” (4.40 cm).

For more information, please visit the Blackhawk! website.

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