Ra Gun Division - Redolfi

Ra Gun Division - Redolfi: All the facts and background information

Redolfi F.lli - RA Sport: import export for hunting and shooting

Headquartered in the small town of Manerbio (Italy), Redolfi Fratelli is a company with fifty years of experience in the manufacture of extremely well-built hunting rifles and shotguns, still largely hand-made by expert craftsmanship with the best available materials and with a special attention to quality and performance. In 2001 the Redolfi Fratelli Company created another business unit (RA Sport Import / Export) that also serves all gun shops in Italy and Europe offering a wide range of RA-branded accessories. 

Redolfi F.lli - RA Sport: used weapons

Redolfi F.lli - RA Sport sells a wide choice of used weapons, both handguns and long firearms: semiauto pistols, revolvers, rifles, shotguns.

Redolfi F.lli - RA Sport: distributors in Italy and Europe

Over the years, the Redolfi Fratelli Company has become famous within the Italian shooters and gun enthusiasts community as an importer and distributor of hunting, sporting and defensive firearms manufactured by Italian and foreign companies, as well as for its line of accessories and sport optics. 

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