Future Medical Innovation

Future Medical Innovation is a project that answers the needs of medical emergency basing on the most modern information and telecommunications technologies. In the event of a medical emergency, it often happens that rescuers don't have any information about the patient. In these situations it's necessary to have documents, images, medical reports that can give additional support to those who must provide help and care.

For this reason, Future Medical Innovation has developed the MMC (myMEDCARD) platform.
MyMEDCARD users are given a card that allows them access to an online space where, by themselves or with the support of trusted healthcare personnel, they can enter and make accessible the data and health documentation that they consider useful to be available at any time and in any place: ICE contacts and medical status, allergies, medication intakes, etc.
You can also access myMEDCARD system through a special App that allows to access data during first aid, to load reports and to receive and manage messages, notifications, reservations, etc. with possible feedbacks.
In case of emergency, the App will detect and display the E.R. closest to the GPS position acquired by the mobile phone. By pressing a single button it is also possible to make an instant call to a number previously loaded as "ICE Number" and send an SMS with the smartphone's GPS coordinates.
The system guarantees security, continuity of access and speed. Data are protected by SHA-2 and advanced 2048-bit encryption certificates and reside on encrypted servers.

In case of sports or outdoor activities, Future Medical Innovation has developed the myMEDICOVER solution. myMEDICOVER consists of an adhesive sticker with a QR code, that, when properly applied (on helmet, cap, garments, even on your skin ...), through a simple scan in case of rescue provides all the personal health record (PHR) data previously entered into the system.

Agreements with medical centers

Future Medical Innovation has also entered into special agreements with leading companies in the supply of health care insurance products and with medical centers. These services are available to subscribers. Future Medical Innovation is, among other things, a partner of Medicalfly srl, a leading international company in the field of medical transport by air ambulance. (Medicalfly is the only company in Southern Europe to have obtained the EURAMI - European Aereomedical Institute certification), a guarantee of quality in air medical services worldwide.

For more information on the services and advantages offered by Future Medical Innovation please consult their website.