Fratelli Piotti Armi

The history of Fratelli Piotti began in the early 1960s, when the company founders, Araldo and Faustino Piotti, after many sacrifices finally completed the first series of firearms bearing their name. Over the years, the continuous search for technological improvement and production potential has never ceased. This search continues to this day, combining classic and modern features in an unmistakable style.
Today, Fratelli Piotti continues to be a family-run company in which fourteen people work,  manufacturing a few pieces a year. Interpreting the great tradition of Italian gunmaking, the Piotti brothers – Manuel, Fabio, Rudy and Sergio – have become a worldwide reference point for fine guns lovers.
In the Fratelli Poli workshop, the most modern technologies are combined with the extraordinary manual skills. The Fratelli Piotti's guns are masterpieces of mechanics and aesthetics. Perfect sports tools or unique collector's pieces, full of history and emotion. Fratelli Piotti's catalog focuses on a limited range of exclusive models, such as the side-by-side droplock model Fabio – featuring hand detachable locks, an exercise in style that makes the receiver free of through pins and therefore aesthetically very clear. Available in 28 gauge, it is an exclusive double-barreled shotgun whose details may vary according to the customer's requests.

The Monaco Twelve Twenty model by Fratelli Piotti is an exercise of very high gunmaking skill that created a 12 gauge gun on a graceful 20 gauge receiver, as well as a difficult exercise of mechanical design that only a few high-level craftsmen are able to deal with.
Another example of a classic rifle is the side-by-side shotgun with serpentine side lever and Holland & Holland-type mechanics, which the Piotti brothers also manufacture in 20 ga, a further example of the technical and creative capacity of this workshop.
As for rifled barrel guns, Fratelli Piotti offers extraordinary “Takedown” bolt action rifles, based on the venerable Mauser K98 action and available in calibers suited for African hunts, such as the .458 Lott, the .375 H&H Magnum and the .416 Rigby. By replacing the barrel and the bolt, the rifle can be easily converted from one caliber to another. The first two calibers share the same bolt while the .416 requires a dedicated bolt.
Finally, it is impossible not to mention one of Piotti's most original projects, the Piotti/Benelli semi-automatic shotgun, which is built from semi-finished parts of the Executive series by the Urbino-based company. These pieces undergo a series of finishes and modifications with clear functional improvements, despite the fact that the starting gun is already extremely reliable. The stock is select walnut wood tailored to customer requirements, with the same processing and finishes as fine guns' stocks. 

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