The Fabbrica Bresciana di Armi (Brescia Firearms Factory), later abbreviated to FABARM, was founded at the beginning of the 20 th century and was essentially dedicated to the production of double barreled shotguns and pistols. The founders were heirs of the Galesi family, a historical name among the Italian gunmaking dynasties. After the Second World War, Fabarm's catalog expanded rapidly, including over-unders, Anson side-by-sides, air rifles and 9 Flobert guns. At the end of the 1960s, Fabarm launched the Goldenmatic 125, its first semi-automatic shotgun with long recoil operating mechanism. In the 1970s Fabarm dedicated itself to the manufacturing of sporting over-under shotguns. With the STL model, it began to manufacture pump-action shotguns and launched on the market the semi-automatic Ellegi featuring an Ergal 55 receiver, a light gun that achieved enormous success in Italy and abroad. In the mid-1970s the Galesi family left the company and the new management began a restructuring process that would lead them to export more than three thousand rifles a month at peak times. The 2000s were very dynamic for Fabarm, that increasingly focused on the production of semi-automatic and pump-action guns , and in particular the latter began to become very popular among law enforcement operators around the world. In 2004 Fabarm introduced the Lion H35 Titan semi-automatic and the following year the AXIS over-under was launched, as well as the Tribore barrel with removable chokes and hyperbolic-profile connection cones, which allowed a perfect and more consistent pattern distribution.

In 2011 Caesar Guerini became a shareholder of Fabarm and the synergy between the two companies soon paid off with the birth of the XLR5 Velocity, a refined and functional semi-automatic shotgun for clay-shooting with which in 2013 the American shooter John Yeiser achieved the world speed record in the TRAP AT discipline by breaking 25 targets in 64.14 seconds! In 2014 the Fabarm Professional division was founded, dedicated to the production of pump-action guns for professional use.

With pump-action shotguns such as the SAT 8 with eight-round tubular magazine, the Martial and the ultra-modern STF/12 , Fabarm changed forever the concept of shotguns for law enforcement. In 2015, Fabarm came under the total control of Caesar Guerini, that acquired the entire shareholding.

The Fabarm catalog now includes several models dedicated to shooters and hunters. The Elos series includes fourteen variants in 12 gauge, two in 20 ga, two in 28 ga and one in 36 ga. Among the different variants of this over-under, we would like to mention the Elos B2 Classic AL Paradox Gold specifically designed for woodcock hunting, with a light alloy frame to make the rifle easy to handle in the woods and comfortable to carry during walked-up hunts. The first barrel features a Paradox rifling for the last 15 cm, to facilitate instinctive shots at short ranges and a faster pattern distribution; the second barrel is equipped with interchangeable 4 Inner HP chokes: the weight is only 2700 grams. The Elos is also available in different models dedicated to shooters, such as the Elos N2 Sporting AS model in 12/76 Magnum gauge. Dedicated to hunting enthusiasts, it is equipped with a 71 or 76 cm lightened Sporting barrel with 11/8 mm conical rib.  Finally, we would like to remind you that Fabarm also produces some rifled-barrel guns : not only the Express versions of the Asper over-under, but also a combination rifle, the Dual model, and bolt-action rifle, the Iris , based on an original design. And don't forget that many of Fabarm's semi-automatic rifles are available in left-handed versions too.

To find out more please visit the company's website: www.fabarm.com