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The “Nikon Revolution”: a ballistic reticle riflesight dedicated to the needs of the most unforgiving muzzleloader hunters! Pierangelo Tendas 24.07.2012 Nikon Sport Optics, Inc. The "Nikon

“The best Nikon ever made”: a new binocular embodying the best available technology from the MONARCH and ATB series to reach top performance Pierangelo Tendas 24.07.2012 Nikon Sport Optics, Inc. “The

Bushnellʼs new “Legend Ultra HD” spotting scope guarantees incredibly high performances at a budget price Pierangelo Tendas 23.07.2012 Bushnell Outdoor Products Bushnellʼs new “Legend Ultra HD”

Bushnellʼs “Elite Tactical” series of riflescopes now features a new 1-6.5x24mm model optimized for short-to-medium range tactical shooting Pierangelo Tendas 23.07.2012 LaRue Tactical, Inc. Bushnellʼs

The Docter 10x25 Compact binoculars actually deliver the promise of their denomination and, on top of being really compact, are capable of very good optical performance all4shooters.com22.07.2012

Ruger M77 Gunsite Scout Rifle

Lightweight, hard-hitting, reliable: Rugerʼs M77 “Gunsite Scout” is the rifle to have if you can have only one! Pierangelo Tendas20.07.2012 Sturm, Ruger & Co., Inc. The Ruger M77 “Gunsite Scout” rifle

Faustiʼs “Class Express”: for when class is what you need in hunting... Pierangelo Tendas20.07.2012 Fausti Stefano S.r.l. The “Class Express” is the perfect rifle for battue hunters who love the

A new foldable blade conceived with the collaboration of the French G.I.G.N. Special Unit  all4shooters.com19.07.2012 Extrema Ratio Glauca B1 This new folding knife comes out from a cooperation and


Firearms, ANPAM warns that without the National Proof House, the “Made in Italy” is heavily harmed The Team of all4shooters.com19.07.2012 The Italian Senate, by enacting  the Decree-Law No. 79 dated

The German firm of UMAREX launches a whole new line of spring, gas, CO2 and electrically-powered Airsoft replicas for 2012 Pierangelo Tendas19.07.2012 The importance of the new UMAREX