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Finland has a long hunting tradition. That's why a museum was established in the small town of Riihimäki, known as the home of the firearms manufacturer Sako. The exhibition starts with the very first

Amotfors (SE), Berne (CH) 03.04.2017. RUAG Ammotec acquires the remaining 60% of shares of Gyttorp AB as of 31 March 2017, thus becoming the sole owner of the company. Gyttorp is a leading distributor

IWA 2017 / New from Swarovski: BTX spotting scope. At the trade expo in Nuremberg, the Austrian optics manufacturer presented its BTX telescope system, which comes in various sizes. It is unique for

IWA 2017 / New from Wiley X: the WX Rogue Comm, a protective pair of sunglasses for hunting, sport and tactical shooting specifically designed to be used in conjuntion with headset hearing protection

With the GLOCK 36, the Austrian firearms manufacturer offers yet another subcompact pistol in addition to the GLOCK 30 S. What are the differences and what do they have in common? We put the small