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A flight of pheasant during a drive
A pheasant drive involves shooting game when the beaters make it rise and it flies over the line of waiting hunters at a great height and speed. A stable gun, with a well-balanced weight and barrels choked down are the rule
Hunter and loader on a G&G Hunting Services’ pheasant drive
A type of hunting of Anglo-Saxon origins, traditionally on a drive you’ll only use the best break-action shotguns at stands, with your loader loading the guns when the action starts to heat up.

The setting, game and hunting techniques are all factors that determine the type of gun the hunters will choose or inevitably prefer for the best results. On a drive, an ancient British tradition, game like partridge, grouse and pheasant are roused from the bush by teams of beaters and gun dogs, to be beaten towards the lines of shooters usually concealed in stands downhill of the beaten ground. It can be difficult to get off a good shot because the game always flies fast over the hunters at a considerable height. 

Long-barrelled, perfectly balanced shotguns are essential for taking precise shots at long ranges. Traditionally, the hunter is assisted by a loader who loads the guns while the hunter does the shooting. In this case the guns are identical, designed with evident elegance, and with the same, perfect ballistic performance. 

A pair of Fausti Class SL drive edition shotguns
The Fausti Class SL drive edition over/under shotguns are numbered. Each gun is made to the same specifications to make changing guns while shooting easier for the hunter who can therefore concentrate on the drive

The Fausti sisters have made their name in the design and manufacture of classic fine arms, producing limited editions of both their side-by-side shotguns and the over/under guns used for this type of hunt. 

The Fausti Class SL drive edition over/under shotguns are available in all the most popular bore sizes, 12-gauge, 16-gauge, 20-gauge, 28-gauge and .410. 

The chambers are standard 70 mm or 76 Magnum, with barrel lengths ranging from 73 to 76 cm and fixed chokes, as shots are always taken at ranges of over 40 metres on a drive. 

Engraving on the action and trigger guard of the Fausti Class SL drive edition over/under
The engraving applied by hand to the action and along the trigger guard makes these specialised shotguns unique. A pheasant, the prince of game on a drive, adorns the underside of the action

The two shotguns in the pair are identical in terms of specifications and balance so the hunter won’t notice any difference at all or have any problem when switching from one gun to the other, as shots can be taken in very quick succession in this type of hunt. Even the serial numbers of the guns are consequential and every part is numbered. The stock is available with a pistol grip or a traditional English grip. 

It can also be configured with a Woodward grip that Fausti applies to give the hunter a fast and precise aim, even when taking the most challenging shots. This gives you a more solid grip on the gun and it’s easier to hold too thanks to the soft curvature of the design, ideal for bringing the gun to your shoulder whatever the size of your hands. The stock is made-to-measure, an essential characteristic of Fausti guns that adapts perfectly to the physical and hunting requirements of the shooter. Rubber or wooden butt pads are available. Select, oil-finish European walnut is used for the wooden parts. 

Giorgio Paraporti a caccia con sovrapposti Fausti Class Sl drive edition.
Giorgio Paraporti, the owner of G&G Hunting Services, has made the driven hunt an exclusive experience for clients with the hunting tourism company he runs. Hunting with his Fausti Class SL drive edition over/under shotguns

The wide range of latest generation cartridges, charged with effective, high-performance powder, lets you hunt game on the drive even using a small bore gun, something that really makes the shooters’ skills evident. Barbara Fausti presents a pair of 20-gauge over/unders with an intermediate bore and one of the most loved by hunters as it gives you just the right compromise between ballistic performance and fast aiming. 

These guns were designed by Giorgio Paraporti, a hunter who’s made the drive the jewel in the crown of G&G Hunting Services. 

Although it may seem obvious, it’s important also to mention that these shotguns, while designed for a specific type of hunting, can also be used for hunting from a hide, because in this case you need the same precision and balance with a long barrel that are so important on a drive, as shots will be taken at medium to long ranges at game ranging from wood pigeon to waterfowl in general. 

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