Sabatti Excelium over-under hunting shotguns

Sabatti's line of over-under shotguns adds the new Excelium model, previewed at HIT Show 2018.

Available in 12, 20, 28 and .410 gauge with Magnum (76 mm) chambers, the Sabatti Excelium over-under has barrels made from chrome-moly steel billets. The barrels were forged, bored and adjusted, then subsequently lapped and chrome-lined.

The Excelium barrels are also fitted with five different interchangeable chokes (supplied) that allow to adapt the group concentration to different types of hunting. For each gauge, barrels are available in lengths of 25.9 in / 660 mm up to 27.9 in / 710 mm.

Sabatti Excelium: available with forged steel or light alloy receiver

Sabatti Excelium sovrapposto
Sabatti Excelium hunting over-under showcased at HIT Show 2018 in Vicenza, Italy.

The standard model receiver is of chrome-nickel steel, made entirely from a steel billet by forging and subsequent machining.

The Excelium Light version, on the other hand, has an "Ergal 55" light alloy receiver with nickel-plated surface finish.

Both models have a similar lock, percussion and ejecting mechanism.

The stock and the forend are made of walnut, checkered and then oil-polished. 

In 12/76 gauge the weight of the version with steel receiver and 27.9 in / 710 mm barrels is 6.9 lbs / 3150 g, while the Excelium Light version with the same barrel length weighs only 5.9 lbs, or 2700 g. 

The price of the Excelium standard starts at 1.468 euro (with manual ejecting mechanism) up to 1.523 euro (with automtic ejecting mechanism), while the price of the Excelium Light starts at 1.482 euro up to 1.540 euro.

Sabatti Exceliumtechnical data


Excelium (Excelium Light)


over-under hunting shotgun

12-20-28-410 with 76 mm chamber   
Barrel length:25.9 in / 660 mm or 27.9 in / 710 mm 
European walnut

with 27.9 in / 710 mm barrels – 6.9 lbs / 3150 g (5.9 lbs / 2700 g)

steel (Ergal)    
internal, interchangeable
Price:1.482 euro 

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