Testing the Krieghoff K-80 Parcours

The legendary K-80!
That's how this double-barrel shotgun is promoted on the website ... and we have to admit: It's true! There's not a shooting range, tournament or hunting trip where this particular shotgun doesn't get mentioned at least once. Everybody seems to be familiar with it. 

The conversation usually goes something like this:
"Is that a Krieghoff?"
"Yes. It's the new K-80 Parcours! "
"... can I give it a try?"

This is usually followed by some imprecise language that's difficult to put down on paper. "Man!" or "Wow!" are some of the more common exclamations heard.

Krieghoff K-80: engravings 
Krieghoff K-80: engravings in a wealth of designs

The K-80 Parcours offers a revamping of Krieghoff's patented system. As the successor to the K-32, the K-80 has earned a worldwide reputation and in the US it's a sign of good taste to have at least one K-80 in your collection. 

Ed Solomon and Mark Winser demonstrate that the K-80 Parcours has what it takes to be top in its class. And after looking into it more closely, there's one thing that surprised me especially: There's hardly a used K-80 to be found anywhere! And the few you can find are selling for a pretty penny. So in terms of resale value, it gets a big thumbs up.

With its Parcours, Krieghoff put the "classic" K-80 on a strict diet. The design has been slimmed down considerably -- the twin barrels in particular. Anyone familiar with the sport versions of the K-80 immediately associates it with exposed barrels. However, the K-80 Parcours has a fully soldered set of barrels. Overall, the weight has been reduced (depending on model) by some 300 to 400 grams. That may not sound like much, but it actually amounts to almost 10% of the gun’s weight. As with all its competitors, the shotgun can be broken down into barrel set, stock and receiver. Here are a few facts and impressions.

Krieghoff K-80: shotgun opened
The Krieghoff K-80 is available in various gauges and barrel lengths

Krieghoff K-80 Parcours double-barrel shotgun

As described above, the double-barrel is completely soldered, fully blued and considerably lighter than, let’s say, its big brother. The rib on top of the twin barrels ends at a keen foresight. The trained eye of a marksman quickly notices that there's no locking hooks on the dual barrel at the cartridge chamber. The Krieghoff comes in classic barrel lengths of 71 cm, 76 cm and 81 cm. The Parcours can get a little heavier, depending on the model. The particular model we tested had 76 cm, 12 / 76 gauge dual barrels. If you prefer, you can also get the 20/76, 28/76 or 410/76 gauge models. What would be ideal is a K-80 Parcours with 81 cm, 28/76 gauge barrels for bird hunting.
It also sports factory-installed alternating chokes. All the classic models are available: cylinder (00), skeet (0) 1/4 (1), 1 / 4-1 / 2 (1 ), 1/2 (2) 3/4 (3), 3 / 4-1 / 1 (LF), 1/1 (4), extra full (XF).
My personal impression is that the length of the barrels doesn’t really stand out. I had a chance to fire a version with 81 cm barrels, but the contrast with the 76 cm was minimal.

The Krieghoff K-80 loaded
The Krieghoff K-80 locks using a latch plate on top of the barrels

Krieghoff K-80 Parcours - the receiver

Unlike other shotguns, the K-80 locks at the top of the receiver rather than at the bottom! Picture it this way: When the shotgun is closed, the latch plate slides OVER the barrels to lock the gun. This has a number of advantages: For one thing, the system doesn't need hooks, and since there's no other locking mechanism on the barrels, the receiver is very flat. The leveraging effect when fired is reduced, so the pivot point is further toward the front and top. It's rumored there are K-80 shotguns that have fired more than a million rounds and are still going strong. That' an incredible number of rounds.
Looking at the Krieghoff webpage, its clear that the shotgun fan can get really creative when it comes to the appearance of the receiver. The manufacturer can supply everything from the very simple to the very lavish. Krieghoff has its own engraving department, ready to take on your every wish.
As for me personally, a simple black receiver would be just fine. There are also a number of different options for the upper lever and the latch plate as well.
The K-80 Parcours we tested had a little arabesque and a black latch plate.

The Krieghoff K-80 receiver
The Krieghoff K-80 receiver
The lever of the Krieghoff-K-80
The lever for locking the barrel

Krieghoff K-80 Parcours – the trigger

The gun's single trigger snaps cleanly and then switches directly to the other barrel. The toggle switch is conveniently positioned in front of the trigger so it can be reached quickly and easily. There is really nothing to complain about here, the trigger pull is right and it doesn't pull through once a round is fired and instead quickly switches over.

Krieghoff K-80: the tapered forestock
Krieghoff K-80: the tapered forestock
The forestock on the Krieghoff K-80 Parcours
The forestock on the Krieghoff K-80 Parcours

Krieghoff K-80 Parcours -  the stock

The stock on the Parcours is slimmer in appearance than with the sporting or trap shaft. This has a positive effect on the overall look of the K-80, in my opinion.

The Parcours forestock has a factory design that is tapered at the front. In addition, however, trap / skeet front stocks (typically dubbed "beavertail") as well as sporting front stocks  (generally also referred to as "beaks") are also available.
There's also a variety of rear stocks as well: parcours, sporting and trap are the classics, each with or without adjustable combs. The plant in Ulm adjusts them to fit the individual shooter.
The butt plate is the gun's contact point and serves to provide shoulder protection.
Along with the classic Parcours rear and forestock, the model tested featured a simple rubber butt pad. I would replace this with a recoil pad that slides more easily.

Special options on the Krieghoff K-80 Parcours

Spätestens wenn man den Katalog der K-80 öffnet, das Werk besichtigt (wie in meinem Fall) oder sich durch die Krieghoffs Website klickt, dann wird sehr, sehr schnell klar: Es geht nicht nur einiges, sondern noch viel, viel mehr. Toll finde ich ebenfalls, dass so gut wie alles direkt im eigenen Werk gefertigt wird. Angefangen bei Titan Abzügen, - Distanzstücke und Wechselchokes, über erstellbare Schaftkappen und Option zur Schaftlängenerweiterungen bis hin zur Laufportung bietet Krieghoff ein umfangreiches „Upgrade“ Sortiment das für die Flinte geboten wird. Was mir im Werk besonders gefallen hat ist der Fakt, dass man sich mit erfahrenden Praktikern unterhält und dort auch wertvolle Tipps erfährt. 

Krieghoff K-80 Parcours - accessories

The K-80 we tested came in a impact-resistant case along with chokes and a second butt pad.

An hunter with the Krieghoff-K-80 Parcours
The Krieghoff K-80 Parcours lives up to its reputation - perfect for hunting parcours shooters
The Krieghoff K-80 in a cornfield
The Krieghoff K-80 Parcours is excellent for hunting as well.

Krieghoff K-80 Parcours - performance

But enough about how it's put together, let's find out how it actually performs!
I took the K-80 Parcours with me as often as possible: to the range, to tournaments and out hunting.
Shooting behavior at the range was very comfortable. The K-80 Parcours handled the light 24 and 28 gram charges without a hitch. It was as if the gun were born for the range. It’s pleasant to shoot and move. The trigger pulls easily and the weapon is very well balanced.
The K-80 also didn’t demonstrate any shortcomings when used for hunting. It performed admirably and didn't give any unpleasant feedback with payloads from 32 up to 40 grams. A day in the countryside with it proved quite pleasant. This is where those "lost pounds" were appreciated the most. The gun came from the factory without sling eyelets, so I carried it over my shoulder. Which I personally find a good thing – because a trailer hitch does not belong on a Ferrari.

Krieghoff K-80 Parcours - Pricing

It starts at about €9800, while the gun we tested sells for €10,195 -- and the sky's the limit after that.

Krieghoff K-80 Parcours -- Suming Up

The K-80 Parcours is a high performance race horse that's ready and able to deliver! With it, an ambitious parcours shooter has no excuses for his mistakes. Krieghoff has provided a great piece of technology and I highly recommend everybody giving it a try (see above for instructions on making a request).
My impressions of this gun were very positive. I particularly liked pointing out the inner workings of the forestock - have a look for yourself.
The K-80 Parcours is so perfectly crafted that people can’t help but take notice. At the range or out hunting, it's definitely an "eyecatcher" and a conversation starter. In addition to the gun's great handling, I also liked the pleasant way it shoots. Plus, Krieghoff offers great service -- before, during and after purchase. Having taken the factory tour, I can say that the staff there really put their heart and soul into what they do. And they have a lot of international experience, a great reputation and are always willing to listen.
The gun certainly comes with a big price tag – but that won't come as a surprise to the avid "clay target hunter."

The Krieghoff K-80 Parcours with a dog
The Krieghoff K-80 Parcours is lighter than the classic K-80 and particularly suitable for hunters.

You can find out more about the K80 sports shotgun from Krieghoff at all4shooters.com.

For more informationen on the K-80 Parcours, go to the Krieghoff website.

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