Quail hunting with the 28 gauge Fausti Dea Luxury

The first lights of dawn filter through the dense fog and illuminate the vast plateau. The distant song of a quail saying goodbye to the night is the positive omen that confirms the choice of the right place to start the new hunting season taking with me a gun equal to such beauty.

Quail hunting in Bosnia Herzegovina

Hunter in Bosnia
The lightweight and quick swinging qualities of the 28 gauge Dea Luxury side-by-side are extremely noticeable in walking hunts.

I am in Bosnia Herzegovina, hunting for quails with my pointer dogs and the side-by-side shotgun that the Fausti sisters chose to give me, the 28 gauge Dea Luxury.

Four hunting days lie ahead – which means walking in these immense territories, therefore the lightness of a gun that does not exceed 2.4 kg plays a fundamental role.

Also the 28 gauge is perfectly suited to both the type of shooting and the game concerned. In fact, you only shoot to to top off perfect actions performed by dogs at short or medium ranges.

Hunter charging the Fausti Dea Luxury side by side.
With its very good appearance, the Fausti Dea Luxury shotgun is a reliable and highly satisfactory in the field.

For this reason the choice of the barrels for my Dea Luxury side-by-side shotgun has fallen upon a typical length for hunting with pointer dogs, 65 cm with fixed 4 stars chokes in the first barrel and 2 stars for the second one.

Using Baschieri & Pellagri cartridges with well-balanced loads of number 11  lead shot, the results are always positive and the sensation is of pure pleasure, given a virtually imperceptible recoil and consequently the stability and accuracy that the gun guarantees.

Basically the Fausti DEA Luxury proves to be a shotgun that as for as swinging, comfort and effectiveness in hunting quail are concerned can be described as specialized, but considering the possibility offered by Fausti to assemble the gun with different barrels and features to be chosen by the hunter, it must be undoubtedly regarded as a shotgun capable of guaranteeing satisfaction to those who love wandering hunts with pointer dogs in general.

For more information on the DEA Luxury shotgun please visit Fausti Stefano Arms website.

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