Fausti Progress, a classy semiauto

The Fausti catalogue showcases traditional over/under and side-by-side shotguns in that unmistakable “Made in Italy” style. It also features a range of semiauto shotguns made to the same high quality and aesthetic standards as Fausti’s break-action shotguns, giving hunters the chance to own a modern shotgun with either a gas-driven or inertia-driven ejection system. 

The Progress semiautomatic shotguns designed and built by Fausti are available in 12-gauge or 20-gauge Magnum-chambered versions. 

As a high-class alternative for those who want an elegant gun and the chance to get off a third shot when necessary, these semiautomatic shotguns are hard to beat. 

The range consists of three versions of the same shotgun, characterised by different finishes. 

The first of the three is the Progress semiauto with an engraved black anodised receiver, then there’s the Progress with a silver receiver and gilt inlays, while last but not least the most elegant of all is the Progress LX. 

Fausti Progress shooting test
The Fausti Progress semiauto is ideal for walked-up game shooting as it’s light and easy to handle, or for hunting from a hide as it’s designed to withstand all the shots you’ll fire while guaranteeing the highest performance and comfort

The specifications of these shotguns make them well-suited for many different types of hunting. 

The receiver made of lightweight Ergal 55 alloy helps keep the weight of the gun down, making it easier to carry and quicker to shoulder for walked-up game shooting, while the various barrel lengths available and the chokes, including Magnum-chambered versions, make it the ideal solution for hunting from a hide. 

The barrels are available in 61, 66, 71 and 76 cm lengths, homologated for lead-free ammo, using shot made of steel or other special alloys for hunting in wetlands. 

All the components: chokes, ejector, rotating bolt lock, top lever, carrier, release button and cut-off are electroless nickel plated against oxidation.

Chokes Fausti Progress
The set of interchangeable internal and external extended chokes make the Fausti Progress semiauto an extremely versatile shotgun

Both the gas and inertia-driven versions come with the time-tested rotating bolt lock.

The recoil reduction system on the gas-driven version has holes near the forend to discharge excess gas and reduce the pressure produced when the shot is fired. 

All Progress semiautomatic shotguns have a ventilated rubber butt pad to provide greater comfort and help reduce recoil. 

The overall weight of the 12-gauge is less than 3 kg, while the 20-gauge weighs about 2.7 kg. 

Stock of Fausti Progress
The select oil-finished wooden stock of the Fausti Progress shotgun can be customised with drop and cast adjuster shims. It has a ventilated rubber butt pad to provide greater stability and absorb recoil.

Something you’ll notice about all Fausti shotguns, and obviously in the Progress range too, is the option of customising the gun, adapting it to the physical requirements of each individual hunter with stock shim plates to adjust the drop and cast. 

The Progress semiauto is another fine example of the customary elegance we’ve come to expect in Fausti guns, with the machine-milled then hand-finished engraving on the action. The design shows a flight of game and floral motifs. The elegant engraving is set off by the fine oil-finished European walnut, while the laser-cut chequering will give you a sure grip in any hunting conditions.

Fucile Fausti Progress LX
Fausti Progress LX semiautomatic shotgun.

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