Fausti semiautomatic shotgun “Progress LX”

When one talks about Fausti guns, one mainly talks about fine shotguns “Made in Italy” designed for traditional and challenging hunts the world over. However, it is good to know that, apart from traditional over and under and side-by-side shotguns, Fausti also manufactures a range of semiautomatic shotguns, currently in 12ga and 20ga, with either gas operations or inertia systems. 

The line of semiautomatic shotguns called “PROGRESS” nicely expands the extensive range of high quality competition and hunting firearms designed, engineered and manufactured by Fausti.

These semiautomatic shotguns combine very traditional looks with technical innovations. They are fast to mount and aim and perform flawlessly - something we are definitely able to corroborate!   

Fausti Progress LX
The engraving is mechanically traced first and then finished by hand quite extensively. The result is a floral pattern so rich in details to generate that elegant look all Fausti firearms are famous for

The model Progress is the entry-level version in the new line. It comes standard with an engraved receiver either black anodized or silver. But it is the Progress LX - deluxe version in the new autoloader series - that we have had the privilege to examine and fire. Specifically a 20 ga chambered Magnum, with gas operation, 61-cm barrels and interchangeable chokes.

The gun lands itself to both short range shooting in fast sequence typical of walk up hunting, and more challenging long range shooting. Barrel lengths go from 61 to 66, 71 and 76 cm.

Magnum chambers help when heavier loads are needed to hunt wild game like pigeons or waterfowls. The barrels in receiver steel can be used with either lead or lead free ammunition.

The receiver in aluminum alloy (Ergal 55) is both light weight and extremely weather resistant. The LX version features fine game scene engraving with gold inlays on a silver colored frame. 

The lines and colors of the metal parts nicely complement those of stock and forend in select European walnut, oil polished.

The locking bolt on both gas operated and inertia system models comes with a rotatory head. The ejection system is designed to never fail. The upper part of the gun is built ready to accommodate scopes or red dot sights for wild boar hunting. The gold trigger creates a nice contrast with the black of trigger guard and frame. The guard in glass reinforced techno polymer composite keeps the gun light without affecting its reliability, longevity and resistance to natural wear.

Fausti Progress LX 
Fausti Progress LX semiautomatic shotgun available in calibers 12 and 20 and with Magnum chambers

The fine laser checkering of stock and forearm enhance grip. Choke tubes, locking bolt, rotary head, top lever, carrier, release button and cut-off are Nickel treated against oxidation. By using a system of inserts the stock drop and comb can be customized. The shotgun does not “kick”, thanks also to its comfortable rubber recoil pad, and most importantly there is no muzzle jump.

The Progress series is designed in such a way to allow the excess gas produced to go through holes in the barrels thus reducing the pressure generated by heavier loads. The overall weight is right where it needs to be to facilitate handling without compromising stability: never above 3 kg in the 12 ga versions and right at 2,7 kg in the 20 ga.

The end result is a semiautomatic shotgun that is easy to handle, well-balanced, fun to shoot and beautiful. A gun that is versatile enough to be used in different hunting environments on different types of game.

You can purchase a Progress or Progress LX directly from the Fausti factory. Please contact them and they will build a gun that is just right for you.

For more information visit Fausti Stefano Arms website

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