Fausti ITALYCO, new over and under shotgun made in Italy

This modern gun is manufactured with the same spirit as the weapons built for the Italic gladiators – either legendary or historical ones and it is a tribute to Italian gun making excellence through time. 

The new lines and exclusive geometry of the ITALYCO over and under shotgun are the results of very careful study and design translated into beautiful fences and action sides through the hands of very skilled craftsmen and their tools. The beauty of the gun is right there to be seen. It comes from an artistic heritage that has its roots in the Italian Renaissance and manifests itself as a perfect mix of design, technology and traditions. The ITALYCO fully represents the concept of “The Antique in the Future” created and employed by FAUSTI to build their fine guns. The ITALYCO is not only a sporting over and under shotgun for passionate shooters and collectors. It is a manifesto of the renewed Italian concept of beauty. It is a challenge set by Italic creativity and genius to a world that is getting too global and standardized, taking beauty away from any daily tool. 

The ITALYCO is available both boxlock and with long, low profile side-plates. The smooth bore version is built on a round body action and comes in all traditional hunting calibers. The double rifle comes in the most popular calibers for driven hunting. These guns are 100% “tailor-made” and feature custom stock dimensions and specifications. The side-plated ITALYCO SLX is one of the very few examples of “round body” O/U in Italy and in the world. It is indeed a “must have“ for all those shooters who want an object with the “imprimatur” of uniqueness. The harmony is in the lines that flow in a refined synthesis of classic and neoclassic where by neoclassic one means a concerted effort of a return to a true precision of forms. And it is indeed the perfection of the round lines that connect the metal of the action and the wood of the stock in a seamless continuum that characterize both the non side-plated and the side-plated ITALYCO.  

Fausti Italyco
Fausti Italyco

Both versions of the ITALYCO come with half pistol grip stocks fitted with ebony or steel caps – an old tradition revived by FAUSTI. Only the best blanks in extra select Turkish or Circassia walnut with the right grain and contrasts of color are turned into custom stocks by hand, oil polished and finely checkered. The forend catch by itself is a true example of the finest gun making. And finally the intentionally simple yet elegant Bulino engraving entirely done by hand and signed by the artist features the family emblem. 

The ITALYCO can come either coin finish or color case hardened using the traditional bone & charcoal technique. The marbling and the flames of colors are so unpredictable to help make each gun truly unique.

Barrels are of the utmost importance in every fine gun and, therefore, in the ITALYCO. The barrel makers at FAUSTI build this model with either fixed chokes or flush choke tubes and a geometry that allows for the best ballistic performance certified for each gun. 

Fausti Italyco SLX
The side-plated ITALYCO SLX is one of the very few examples of “round body” O/U in Italy and in the world

The absolute precision made possible by the high tech CNC milling machines employed at FAUSTI is complemented by hand skills and plenty of manual end touches which give these guns their unique soul. The wood to metal fit, for instance, is still done with the blue. Ejectors and selective single trigger make for very practical guns in all hunting and sporting situation. The mechanism with its crisp and accurate triggers and the world famous and patented  “Four Locks” system are the essence of the gun and tell them apart from all other firearms on the market today. The famous four locking points substantially extend the life cycle and overall reliability of this model. Last but not least, a fine gun like the ITALYCO comes in a beautiful custom case designed specifically for it. 

The ITALYCO is a sporting gun of the highest intrinsic quality designed to last over the years and be a true investment for all those who love fine guns and appreciate their natural elegance. Ariosto once said that a weapon is “not only a piece of metal two arms long with powder and a ball inside” but a current and breathing example of the human capacity to leave traces of their times behind. By sculpting forms, modeling lines of arduous simplicity, creating complex but functional mechanisms which carry the noble superiority of an intuition, a truth is captured for just a second on the steel and wood of a modern and at the same time, antique gun.

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