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The prestigious Italyco over/under series shotguns confirm Fausti's search for excellence, something that makes shotguns "Made in Italy" stand out from the crowd in the hunting world. 

Available with a smooth-bore and rifled-bore barrel, these shotguns meet the concrete and refined demand of hunters who may love very different types of hunting but wish to carry a gun of undisputed elegance and quality. Daniele Cecchetti is a well-known example, a hunter who travels the world with his gun dogs, hunting a variety of game such as woodcock and partridge, with his trustworthy Fausti Italyco. 

We say "his" for a good reason, as this shotgun was custom-built to suit his own personal needs and characteristics, with a dedication to the hunter on the stock, select barrels and engraving. Like every Fausti shotgun, the Italyco over/under can in fact be customised with options to suit each particular hunter, and the end result will be a gun designed, engraved and conceived for the particular characteristics of that very hunter and the type of hunting they love.

Daniele Cecchetti hunting with Fausti Italyco
Daniele Cecchetti, through his Adica hunting agency, hunts a variety of game in many countries around the world with his Fausti Italyco over/under, custom-built to meet his own particular hunting requirements.

The Italyco over/under

The Fausti Italyco over/under is available in all the main hunting bores, 12-gauge, 16-gauge, 20-gauge, 28 and .410. All the guns are produced with a dedicated round body action, except for the .410 which uses the same configuration as the 28-gauge. 

The elegance of these guns is evident in the curved, streamlined and slender lines of the action, and the hand-cut engravings. 

A variety of finishes is available, from the basic model with an antique silver action and low profile side-plates, or the even more sophisticated SLX version with dummy side-plates and a tortoiseshell finish action. 

The engraving varies in terms of design and subject, with classic English scroll patterns applied meticulously by hand. The model of the gun is on the underside of the action, with the Fausti logo and the Italian flag. The Express rifled-bore version of the Italyco over/under is also available in the most popular bores: 8.57 JRS, 30/06, 30R Blaser, 9.3 x 74R, 444 Marlin and the 45/70 US Government. 

Video: Fausti italyco over/under shotgun

The mechanism

The Fausti Italyco is a classic box-lock. The 4-lock system patented by the Marcheno company is characterised by two pairs of barrel lugs that make it very precise and reliable. The firing pins are mounted on coil springs. The gun comes with an automatic ejector, but a manual system is also available on request. The trigger is a single selective trigger, with an optional double trigger also available on request. The barrel selector is built into the safety at the end of the action.

Hand-cut engravings on Fausti Italyco
The hand-cut engravings on the metal parts of the Fausti Italyco over/under with floral themes on the version with the antique silver action.


The triple alloy steel barrels on the Fausti Italyco over/under are available in various lengths, making it a very versatile gun that can be used for very different types of hunting and shooting. 

The classic 60 cm barrels are ideal for hunting in the woods to give you fast and instinctive aiming. Longer 63.5, 67.5, 73, 76 and 81 cm barrels are also available for more open hunting terrain, when hunting from a hide or stand or for taking long-range shots. The 71 cm barrels can be fitted with *** and * star chokes, that can be customised also by using internal interchangeable chokes. 

On the smooth-bore version, there is a spherical brass sight on the muzzle; the Italyco Express has 60 cm barrels with a rear sight and fibre optic inserts. The full or ventilated bridge rib is an anti-reflection 7 mm rib on the 12-gauge and 6 mm on the smaller bores.

Fausti italyco view
The select oil-finish walnut wood is a fine match to the metal parts, making the Italyco over/under an extremely elegant gun.


Oil-finish walnut is the perfect match for the metal parts in terms of elegance on the Italyco over/under. 

The stock can be configured with a Woodward grip, which is Daniele Cecchetti's choice, leaving ample space for you to hold the stock and take aim thanks to its comfortable curvature, also available as a half pistol grip with a decorative metal or ebony base plate. Other options include the classic English or Prince of Wales stock. 

The butt on this series of over/under shotguns, faithful to the finest tradition of English luxury shotguns, is made of solid coral red rubber. The English style forend is narrow and well-proportioned, with hand-carved fine chequering. The Italyco over/under weighs from 2.6 kg to 3.2 kg depending on the hunter's choice of bore size and barrel length. 

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