Fausti Dea SL side-by-side shotgun dedicated to woodcock

A side-by-side shotgun is just what you want for hunting woodcock, with classic and elegant lines that’s easy to aim and take a precise shot at a bird in flight. When the finest aesthetic qualities are combined with technical characteristics such as light weight and easy handling in the woods, the result is quite a specific gun - the Fausti Dea SL side-by-side for the woodcock. 

On this shotgun, the geometry of the barrels and chokes is particularly well-suited to point shooting, which on this type of hunt is often the only possible solution. 

Rewarding your pointers as the woodcock takes flight means being ready to take a quick and precise shot. The spread of every single Fausti shotgun is tested and certified by the company to guarantee the ballistic performance of each customer’s gun. 

A Setter pointing woodcock
Hunting woodcock in the woods is one of the most-loved hunts for those who wish to pit their skills against game that’s challenging to say the least. The Fausti Dea SL side-by-side was made specifically for these hunters.

With specific barrels and grip, this side-by-side is just what you need for precise point shooting in the woodcock’s woods. 

As is customary, the arms’ company from Marcheno in Italy lets you fit your stock to size, based on the hunter’s own physical characteristics and specific requirements. The result is a state-of-the-art gun that gives you a slight edge over this most challenging game bird. 

The Fausti Dea SL double-barrelled shotgun dedicated to woodcock is produced in a 1/1000 limited edition in all the main hunting smooth bores: 12, 16, 20, 28, 36 and .410, each of which with its own specific action for that particular bore of reference offering evident advantages in terms of ballistic performance as well as aesthetic quality. 

The streamlined design is very well balanced and the geometry of both the barrels and the mechanism are a perfect match. 

The Fausti Dea SL side-by-side dedicated to woodcock is available with a single or double trigger
Every Fausti Dea SL side-by-side dedicated to woodcock has a Box Lock action designed specifically for the bore of reference, so it’s the perfect fit for the aesthetic lines of the mechanism.

Although the barrels are specifically designed for a shotgun built for walked-up woodcock shooting, they’re also good for hunting many other types of game, which can be a real advantage as woodcock isn’t hunted everywhere in the world using pointers with shots taken at close range. 

Barrel lengths start at 60 cm, with other options ranging from 63/ 65/ 67.5 /71/ 73 and up to 76 cm with a choice of fixed or interchangeable chokes. 

The classic Box Lock action with long side-plates on the Fausti Dea side-by-side is available in an antique silver or tortoiseshell finish. 

The hand-engraved decorations on the underside or sides of the action, which portray that magic moment when the woodcock takes flight from the woods, leave enough space for the customer to choose their own motif. The trigger guard is long and slender and the gun is available with either a single or double trigger system. 

A woodcock in flight on the underside of the action
The hand engraving can be customised on the antique silver and tortoiseshell finish action of the Fausti shotgun, and a woodcock in flight is shown on the underside.

The pistol grip or Prince of Wales stock and the English or semi-beavertail forend are made of select, oil-finished walnut (type 4 A). The semi-beavertail in my opinion is the best suited to hunting in the woods as it gives you a good grip on the streamlined gun while preventing you from getting your fingers too far round the barrels and partially obstructing your view of the target. 

The stock is finished with a butt plate made of the same chequered wood or a coral red rubber butt plate in best of British style.

On a gun designed with a specific type of hunt in mind, and with the best intentions in terms of environmental protection, cartridge extraction is of course by hand. 

The Fausti Dea SL dediicated to woodcock, available in all the main hunting smooth bores
The streamlined design of the Fausti Dea side-by-side makes it ideal for fast point shooting in the woods. The stock, an essential element for a precise aim, is made-to-measure for the hunter.

Considering also the “contemplative” dimension of hunting woodcock with a pointer, where the quality rather than the quantity of your actions makes all the difference, and your aim more than anything else, this would appear to be the most suitable choice. 

A version with automatic ejectors is also available on request. All in all, the Fausti Dea SL dedicated to woodcock is quite an exclusive gun in terms of aesthetic quality and technical features, and it’s certainly up to the challenge that this most fascinating, difficult and mysterious game bird represents for hunters and dogs alike. 

Finally, a word on the weight of the gun, which is without a doubt well-balanced, reasonable and easy to handle for this type of hunt on the move, but it’s not an extreme lightweight, as that wouldn’t be suitable for a break-action that has to guarantee stability and precision in a well-balanced gun with a gas recoil reducer system. The 12-gauge Fausti Dea double-barrelled shotgun weighs around 3 kg, while the smaller bores are about 2.8 kg. 

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