Fausti Dea Luxury, hunting side-by-side shotgun

Fausti never disappoints those who always expect from this brand products that are new and traditional at the same time, fine weapons that can give an added value to the experience of hunting through their elegance.

At HIT Show 2018 we took the opportunity to show you a new line of side-by-sides with an exclusive aesthetic design and tested mechanics, which is immediately confirmed by the Fausti's Box Lock receiver.

The side-by-side shotgun has always been synonymous with “refined rifle" and as such it must meet specific aesthetic and mechanical standards. The "Round Body" receiver with rounded and finely engraved sides is one of the distinctive elements that resembles the rifles of the best English tradition of the last centuries.

Fausti Dea Luxury: features and details

FAUSTI DEA LUXURY nella versione Silver
Giovanna Fausti holds the new Dea Luxury side-by-side shotgun in the Silver version.

Each part of this shotgun is made from a solid block of steel machined by precision numerical control machines. The extremely reliable locking mechanism, featuring powerful V-shaped springs, provides safe hammer strikes, with a precise and reliable primer ignition that enhances the experience of every hunter in the field.

The patented ejection system prevents ejectors rotation and always guarantees a dependable and precise ejection. Style and ergonomics are confirmed by the long trigger guard which is perfectly adapted to the woods. The wood used is oil-finished, selected top grade walnut (type 4 A). The forend is available in the thin English splinter or semi-beavertail versions, while  stocks are available in either English, Prince of Wales or pistol-grip styles, depending on the hunter's preferences.

The new Dea Luxury side-by-side shotgun showcased at HIT Show 2018 
The new Dea Luxury side-by-side shotgun showcased at HIT Show 2018 in Vicenza, Italy.

The special steel barrels are hand-hammered and polished before bluing, which produces a deep and lasting dark blue luster.

The Dea Luxury side-by-side is equipped with fixed or interchangeable chokes at the hunter's choice. The trigger system also varies according to the preferences and can be selective single or double trigger.

The engraving is finished with the burin and signed by the master engraver. A floral parchment theme extends carefully along the sides and on the floorplate with the Fausti logo on a gold background.

The new Fausti Dea Luxury hunting side-by-side shotgun in the Color Case version.

The Fausti Dea Luxury is available in two different finishes: the Color Case version, with a traditional color cased receiver of great visual impact, or the Silver version, with the old silver finish always appreciated by side-by-sides connoisseurs.

The Dea Luxury brace is available in 16, 20, 28, 32 and .410 gauges, each gauge with a proportionally resized receiver.

Like any other Fausti gun, it can be customized with standard custom dimensions, barrel lengths and specific features dedicated to the different types of hunting.

For the price, contact the company directly.

Fausti Dea Luxury: technical data

16, 20, 28, 32, .410
70-76 mm
Barrel lengths:
60-63-65-67,5-71-73-76 cm
Fixed or interchangeable on request
Box-lock - Round body with side plates - Long trigger guard
Single or double - manual or automatic extraction
Stock: Pistol grip, Prince of Wales or English – oil-finished walnut (type 4A) with rubber or wood recoil pad
English splinter or semi-beavertail
hand-engraved, signed
Carrying case:ABS VL 400

For more information please visit Fausti website. 

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