Fausti Dea .410 bore double-barrelled shotgun

Small-gauge; a quaint pleasure that is hard to resist. Fausti has always paid meticulous attention to detail to this type of shotgun, a different and thrilling way of hunting. 

From the vast range of guns the Fausti sisters from Marcheno offer in their catalogue, we have decided to take a closer look at the Game Fair skeet-shooting line, and get off a few shots with the Dea .410 bore side-by-side shotgun

Barbara Fausti defines this shotgun as a specific call to a new generation of young hunters who want to enjoy the thrills of hunting using a lightweight, elegant gun which is also extremely effective at the right range for the bore, as Giovanni Pierotti, a hunter with experience in every field and Fausti endorser, is only too happy to prove.

Fausti Dea view
The action on the Fausti Dea .410 side-by-side is milled from a solid block and available in a hand-engraved silver or tortoiseshell finish.

The Dea .410 bore double-barrelled shotgun has a classic look, which derives from the Box Lock action specifically for this bore and milled from a solid block. 

None of the parts is made of microcast steel, a sure guarantee of the quality and robustness of this gun. 

The sides of the action are long and the final finish is available in two versions; aged silver and tortoiseshell.

The engraving is done by hand by the skilful hands of a master craftsman. 

The long guard adds a touch of class to the gun and makes it even easier to aim. The select oil-finished walnut has a fine chequered finish and is the perfect match for the metal components, making the gun not only beautiful to look at but also extremely pleasant to hold. 

Fausti Dea .410 tested at the firing range

Fausti .410 firing test
Tested at the firing range, the Fausti Dea side-by-side shotgun proved to fire effective bursts while being quick to track skeets even at considerable heights and ranges.

Like all Fausti guns, the Dea side-by-side adapts perfectly to the hunter's physical and hunting requirements. 

A number of different barrel lengths are available; shorter barrels suitable for taking instinctive short-range shots for walked-up game shooting, to longer barrels for greater ranges. Barrel lengths range from 60 cm, 63-65-67.5-71-73 up to 76 cm. 

The gun is available with fixed or interchangeable chokes and a single or double trigger. 

The hunter can also choose the stock and forend. The stock is available in a traditional Prince of Wales, straight grip (English) for traditionalists, or pistol grip, with an English or semi-beavertail forend and a rubber or wooden butt. Cartridge extraction is either manual or with automatic extractors, available on request. As well as the .410 bore we tested, the Fausti Dea side-by-side is also available as a 16-gauge, 20-gauge and 28-guage.

Fausti Dea .410 right side view
Classic and elegant, the metal components of the Fausti Dea double-barrelled shotgun perfectly complement the fine oil-finished walnut.

The Fausti Dea we tested at the firing range had 71 cm barrels with *** chokes and *. Giovanni Pierotti fired a quick series of shots at skeets used to simulate the flight of wood pigeon, one of his favourite game. Skeets were then fired towards our position and also in fast "crosswise trajectories", before concluding the test with skeets moving away from the shooter at a greater height to simulate fleeing game. 


I also fired several shots with the gun and its light weight and agility makes it very easy to aim and track the skeet, which is where smaller gauges have an advantage. You will be surprised at just how precise the shotgun is even when taking more challenging shots. 

When using this gun, apart from the irrefutable ballistic performance at ranges of up to 30 metres, you get the pleasant sensation of holding a gun with class in your hands and the joy and emotion that come with close-range contact with the game, without counting how much game you've got in the bag or looking for that impossible shot, things which are somewhat far removed from our passion for the sport.

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