Fausti Class SL over/under shotgun

Its name is a clear declaration of the intended use. The Fausti Class SL over/under is a shotgun the Fausti sisters have designed specifically for all those hunters who love to hunt woodcock, and in general for those who love walked-up game shooting with their dogs.

The shotgun is a 28-gauge, with extremely sophisticated aesthetic qualities and engraving. Available in all the most popular bores (12-gauge, as well as 20, 28 and 410), this over/under is designed with a specific action for each bore size of reference.

Fausti Class SL 28-gauge over/under with a tortoiseshell finish action
The tortoiseshell finish version of the 28-gauge Fausti Class SL, the shotgun designed specifically for hunting "the Queen of the woods".

The box lock action has long side-plates finely engraved with woodcock in flight.

Available in an antique silver finish with inlaid silver subjects or in a tortoiseshell finish with 3-colour engraved subjects.

The gun is made from fine, oil-finished European walnut woods. The pistol grip or Prince of Wales stock, the selective single trigger or double trigger and the aesthetic details of the engravings can all be customised to suit the hunter's own particular needs.

The 28-gauge is quite versatile thanks to its light weight, which makes it quick to aim, and it will give you excellent results not only when hunting woodcock, but also with other more challenging game within a 35 metre range; the typical game you will come across with walked-up game shooting. The barrels mounted on the over/under are well-suited to this type of shooting, starting at a length of 63.5 cm with fixed cylindrical chokes for the first barrel and modified *** star choke in the second, ideal for instinctive shooting. 65-67.5-71-73-76 cm barrels are also available with internal, interchangeable chokes. The top rib is ventilated and conical, while there are no side ribs to keep weight down.

The forend of the Fausti Class SL over/under is thin and compact, available in the Schnabel or English versions. The final result is a well-balanced shotgun that is easy-to-handle, perfect for those hunters who want a gun to carry on long, challenging hunts, where elegance also plays a part. The Fausti Class SL over/under for the queen is a limited edition shotgun with the guns numbered 1/1000.

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