Fausti Class RDX over/under shotgun

It's a wonderful sunny day when Barbara and Giovanna Fausti invite us to test a new over/under hunting shotgun inside the Lonato del Garda shooting range.

The rifle immediately gets noticed for the subtlety of its aesthetic details, but it is in some hunting sessions that you can immediately appreciate the ballistic qualities and the stability of this shotgun, which is certainly elegant but is also designed to ensure endurance and accuracy even for the most demanding hunters.

Fausti RDX: features and innovation

“Round Body” action of the over/under shotgun Fausti Class RDX 
The Fausti Class RDX elegant Round Body action is machined from billets and accommodates the advanced technology of the Four Locks system that ensures the shotgun stability and longevity.

The RDX over/under shows quality and elegance thanks to the unique low profile and slender design of its new “Round Body” action, whose volumes and shapes have been re-designed expressly for this model by Fusti engineers and designers to ensure robustness and reliability, besides top-level uniqueness.

The action is made from a forged, cemented and tempered steel billet and is equipped with the patented "Four Locks" system. This original locking system for competition and hunting over/under shotguns is a Fausti patent.  

The four locking points are made up of a pair of classic bolts that engage a lug on the bottom of the barrel monobloc for a vertical latch, while a further pair of bolts in the sides of the receiver ensure a lateral closure and a mechanical seal in the longitudinal direction between the barrels and the receiver for a double and very strong latching in orthogonal planes.  

The owner of a Four Locks over/under can rely on the extreme quality of this modern locking system even when firing the strongest gun loads, and therefore on the stability and longevity of the weapon.

Available calibers and barrel lengths

Receivers of the over/under shotgun Fausti Class RDX
The Fausti Class RDX is available in two aesthetically different versions, with case-hardened or old silver finished receivers.

Stocks and forends are made from selected type 3 walnut wood and oil finished. Stocks have a rounded pistol grip with a new fine checkering and wooden or rubber buttpads. The English-style forend is slim and streamlined. The beautiful, deep laser engraving of the receiver is noteworthy. 

Two versions are available, one in the classic case-hardening and the other in old silver finish.  

The chamberings are the classic 12-20-16-28-.410 all made with dedicated receivers except the .410 which uses the 28 caliber receiver. The rifle can be adapted to the hunter's needs in all its components. Therefore it is possible to get it from Fausti with a selective single trigger or double trigger, equipped with automatic extractors or manual extraction.

Barrels with standard 70 mm or 76 mm magnum chambering are available in different lengths of 60-63-65-67,5-71-73-76 cm. The chockes may be fixed or, at the request of hunters who want to deal with different types of hunting and shooting, a set of 5 internal and interchangeable chokes can be provided.

For more information visit the Fausti Stefano Arms website.

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