70 years of Fausti Stefano Arms

Exactly 70 years have passed since that long gone 1948, the year when Stefano Fausti founded the company that bears his name. The reins of the company have long been passed to his three daughters Barbara, Giovanna and Elena who with skill and knowledge have been able to expand their father's business, making it a modern and efficient company and jealously defending the craftsmanship involved in fine guns making.

Fausti at IWA 2018

Fausti rightly wants to share with its many fans and enthusiasts this very important milestone, 70 years of history and continuous evolution in which the brand has reached the top. Inside the booth at IWA 2018, the European public eagerly observes the many guns displayed by the company among the great classics of its production and the recent break-action shotguns dedicated to shooting and especially hunting, such as the Dea Luxury side-by-side and the Class RDX over-under.

Dea Luxury side-by-side (top) and Class RDX over-under.
The Dea Luxury side-by-side (top) and the Class RDX over-under.

Fausti DEA LUXURY side-by-side

It is certainly worth mentioning some fundamental features of these rifles that we recently saw.

Fausti Dea Luxury side-by-side shotgun
The finely engraved, box-lock receiver of the Fausti Dea Luxury side-by-side shotgun.

The first is a series of luxury side-by-side shotguns available in two different finishes of the Fausti Box Lock action – silver, old silver or color case. The action stands out not only for its strength, obtained by processing solid blocks of steel, but also for the rounded body profile with gentle lines that are always proportionate to the gauge.

These shotguns are in fact produced in all the most common hunting gauges, from 12, to 20, 28, 32 and .410 bore. The wood is selected, oil-finished walnut and any stock option is made on request, just like the trigger – double trigger or selective single trigger are available.

Fausti Class RDX over-under

Class RDX over-under shotgun by Fausti
The Class RDX over-under shotgun is characterized by the Round Body with a particular low profile.

The Class RDX over-under shotgun can be immediately noticed for its Fausti aesthetic canons characterized by the Round Body with a particular low profile, revisited by the company's engineers.

The Four Locks closure patented by Fausti is a guarantee of gun safety and sturdiness. It consists of 4 locking points on both the barrels and the receiver  ensuring the gun robustness even over time and after an exasperated use. 

The Class RDX over-under is also available in two aesthetically different versions, one with a classic color-cased action and the other in an old silver finish. The wood used for the stock and the forend is selected, oil-finished 3 A type walnut. The barrels with standard 2 3/4 in (70 mm) or 3 in (76 mm) magnum chamberings are available in different lengths of 60-63-65-67.5-71-73-76 cm to face the most diverse types of hunting. The Fausti Class RDX over-under is available in 12, 16, 20, 28 gauge and .410 bore.

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