F.A.I.R. SLX 600 DE LUXE Black, hunting shotgun with dedicated action

The attention to detail and finishes in the SLX 600 DE LUXE model can be seen in the mechanical details - such as convex hinge pins - and aesthetic ones, such as the elegant new generation triple-depth laser engraving with animals inlaid in gold on the deep black finished body.

Features of the F.A.I.R. SLX 600 DE LUXE shotgun 

F.A.I.R. SLX 600 DE LUXE Black hunting shotgun showcased at SHOT Show 2018 in Las Vegas.
The F.A.I.R. SLX 600 DE LUXE Black over-and-under is one of the most refined models among those that the Italian Company devotes to hunters.

The stock is of selected quality European walnut with fine laser-cut checkering and Schnabel forend. As a tribute to tradition, the buttpad is bakelite and there are swivels for the carrying strap.

The new SLX 600 DE LUXE over-and-under is shipped with three interchangeable Technichoke XP50 chokes.

The large-sized extractors are automatic, and the shotgun is equipped with a gold-finish single trigger.

The FAIR SL600 DE LUXE Black over-and-under sports 27.9 in / 71 ​​cm long barrels (but on request are also available 26.7 in / 68 cm or 29.9 in / 76 cm barrels) with long X-Cones chrome-lined chamber-to-bore forcing cones, tested for the use with steel pellets (in 12 and 20 ga). 

The rib is flat, 0.27 in / 7 mm wide and finely checkered; a red optical fiber sight is mounted towards the barrel’s end. All SL600 series models can also be requested with double trigger, XR Trigger SLX 600 DE LUXE, and XR Stock with adjustable cheek rest.

The weight of the FAIR SLX 600 DE LUXE Black is about 6.8 lbs / 3,100 g. The retail price is yet to be announced.

F.A.I.R. SLX 600 DE LUXE: Dati tecnici


SLX 600 DE LUXE Black 

hunting over-and-under shotgun


Barrel length: 
71 cm
European walnut
6.8 lbs / 3100 g
red optical fiber


To be announced

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