Caesar Guerini Maxum over/under shotgun

Available in the four main hunting bores (12-gauge, 20-gauge, 28-gauge and .410), the Caesar Guerini Maxum over/under is a shotgun that makes the grade in many different situations, for different types of hunting and different hunters, all with different objectives and requirements but with one thing in common - the pleasure of using a gun where aesthetic quality and mechanical function is Caesar Guerini guaranteed. 

The Maxum over/under is faithful to the same high standards of technology and quality materials, in its various versions, and can easily become the gun of choice for hunters, whatever the type of hunting they prefer. Various barrel lengths and chokes, as well as a selective single trigger or double trigger make the Maxum a fine gun, respectively more suitable for hunting from a hide or stand or walked-up game shooting.

The action

The steel action is a solid forged piece, which means no tools are used to cut the fibres of the material, making the action stronger and better able to withstand the explosive force of the shots fired. The NiCrMo action on all models is case-hardened and tempered to guarantee optimal flexibility at the very heart of the product, leaving a very hard surface finish.

In fact, the Maxum over/under, like all Caesar Guerini guns including the super lightweight versions, is tested at a maximum pressure of 1320 Bar by the Italian National Proof House. Furthermore, the high-tensile stub pins are interchangeable and the big barrel lugs provide added strength and long-term reliability. 

Engraving on action
The action milled from a solid block guarantees long-lasting strength, and the fine hand-engraved designs make the Maxum over/under an exclusive and elegant gun.

There are no screws along the sides of the action used to fix it to the wooden stock, as the two parts fit together perfectly. 

On the one hand, this means the engraving is homogeneous without having to leave room for the heads of the screws, while on the other hand it is proof of the excellent mechanical qualities of the gun, the parts of which fit together without any room for play.

The engraving on the Maxum is hand-finished by the Bottega Giovanelli engravers, with floral motifs and contrasting shades of light and dark highlighting the borders, and the name of the gun on the underside of the action. The coin finish action is hand polished, something usually only found on the finest guns and very rarely encountered on industrially produced weapons.

The mechanism

The hammers, and their levers, have a double bent that is used if the first is damaged, increasing safety; they are driven by pre-charged rebounding coil springs, just like you would find on the most prestigious guns. 

This configuration means the firing pins never protrude from the face of the action after firing, guaranteeing added safety and smooth breaking after firing. There is a selector on the safety, which is housed at the rear of the action, making barrel selection fast and easy.

The automatic ejectors have an oversized cam milled from a solid piece fitted directly on the ejector. 

This makes the mechanisms strong enough to guarantee safe and constant ejection even when using high power ammo. The ejector stop has no sharp edges, making the ejection system very reliable even under the most intense use. This system can only be found today on guns of the very highest quality.

The barrels

The barrels are bored from solid chromium molybdenum steel with a special internal geometry that guarantees the greatest elasticity for added ballistic performance. 

Furthermore, the quality of the finish is impeccable as they are cleaned twice by hand and then finished using a robot system. 

Three barrel lengths are available for the Maxum: 66, 71 and 76 cm. The top rib is conical while the side rib is full, for well-balanced and stable aiming. The 12- and 20-gauge bores are “Steel Shot” homologated, so the gun can be used with steel shot. 

The 12-gauge barrels come with a new bore geometry called “Maxisbore”. 

As well as the new bore, a new “Duecon” cone is used between chamber and bore. The “Maxisbore” and “Duecon” systems give the shot a higher velocity when leaving the cartridge, with less deformation and a notable reduction in recoil. 

Caesar Guerini Maxum view
The barrels of the Maxum are designed with the new Maxisbore and Duecon systems developed by Caesar Guerini to guarantee the elasticity of the bores when firing, greater velocity and shot penetration.

As part of the “Maxisbore” system, the “Maxischoke” chokes, which are longer than the “Selectachoke” model, give the chokes a less aggressive angle, improving the quality of the spread. Both these types of Caesar Guerini chokes (“Selectachoke” and “Maxischoke”) are made of high-resistance steel alloy and are available in various choke sizes. The front sight is a well-visible brass sphere. 

Wood butt
The hand-made, choice European walnut Prince of Wales stock is oil-finished with a chequered wood butt.


The woods used on the Caesar Guerini Maxum are oil-finished European walnut. 

The elegant hand-made stock is a rounded “Prince of Wales” pistol grip. 

You can tell the difference when comparing it to more common machine-made pistol grips as it gives the gun a distinct character. 

From a practical point of view, as there are no sharp corners or edges, it is also comfortable for hands of different sizes. 

The chequered wood butt is the perfect match for the stock. 

Choice wood forends are matched to the stocks, with both round and “Schnabel” forends available. 

There is an innovative and easy-to-use release button on the top of the forend, which gives it a more pleasing aesthetic appearance than the classic auget.

The overall weight of the gun with 71 cm barrels is within the standard range, from 3 kg for the 12-gauge to 2.8 kg for the smaller bores. 

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