Caesar Guerini Magnus Light over/under

The Caesar Guerini Magnus over/under is a classic hunting shotgun from the Marcheno gunsmiths. This gun has recently been improved to make it even easier to handle and carry into the field. 

It would have been hard to find anything to improve in terms of aesthetic qualities and ballistic performance on this highly successful over/under. 

However, Caesar Guerini shotguns are subject to continuous development and improvement, and some important changes have been made in terms of the materials used and the concept, in particular in the light alloy action on the latest version of the Magnus Light.

Caesar Guerini Magnum Light Ergal action
The new Ergal action helps the Magnus Light live up to its name, making the shotgun lightweight and well-balanced as well as strong.

The new action

Made of Ergal, as well as giving the shotgun a more streamlined look and feel and making it quicker to aim, this new action is designed to prevent the risk of corrosion and wear in the percussion system.

Two stainless steel bushes protect the action of the firing pins, guaranteeing safety and full functionality in this delicate part of the mechanism where the explosive force of the cartridges has the greatest effect, even in the event of extensive use. 

The mechanical heart of this shotgun is therefore extremely strong and light; on the 12‑gauge the action is a mere 43 mm wide and 66 mm long, the walls are thick and the interchangeable hinge pins are made of steel. 

The 12-gauge Magnus Light weighs just 2,766 grams with 710 mm barrels, and it is easy to see how this makes the gun easy to carry during a day out on the hunt. It also offers a real advantage when aiming and following a target to get off those instinctive shots walked-up game shooting often requires. 

The smaller gauge guns are even lighter; the over/under is available in the four main bore gauges, 20, 28 and .410 as well as 12-gauge.     

engravings on shotgun
Magnus Light: the engraving on the sides of the action show woodcock and pheasant in their natural surroundings, the perfect match for the gilt trigger and fine woods in contrasting tones producing a particularly elegant effect.

The sides of the action are long, indented and the perfect match for the fine woods that bring out the aesthetic qualities of this gun. 

The laser engraving is hand-finished by the Bottega Giovanelli engravers and depicts hunting scenes and gilt game, two woodcocks in flight on the left and pheasant on the right, as well as floral motifs. 

The underside of the action is decorated with gilt characters and the model name. 

The final Invisalloy treatment, as well as protecting the metal parts from external agents, exalts the polished finish and chromatic contrast, preserving it over time. 

The single, gilt inertia driven trigger can be replaced on request with a dual trigger option. 

The firing pins are spring-loaded on spiral, preloaded, constant-effect springs so the firing pins do not project outside the breech after firing. The barrel selector is mounted on the safety slide catch, located on the end of the action. The extractors are automatic and fitted with cams milled out of solid block to guarantee reliable cartridge ejection every time. 

Stock and forend

The wooden parts of the Magnus Light over/under are made of the finest selected, oil-finished Turkish walnut. 

The chequering, offering an excellent grip, is done by hand, both on the rounded Prince of Wales grip and the Schnabel forend. The long, thin design guarantees a deft grip and precise aim. The wooden stock and butt do not break the elegant line of the gun, 373 mm long on the 12-gauge with a 37/57 mm drop. 


We have called it the ideal gun for walked-up game shooting due to its light weight and excellent balance, making it very easy to handle, but the barrels on the Magnus Light over/under also confirm its versatility as there are various configurations available for different type of hunting. 

Made of forged steel which makes them extremely elastic, the barrels are available in lengths that range from 61 cm for instinctive short-range shots in woodland, to an intermediate length of 66 cm up to 71 cm for those who prefer hunting from a hide with all the benefits represented by the light weight and easy handling this gun offers. 

Caesar Guerini Magnus Light walnut woods
The select, matt oil-finished walnut woods used on the Magnus Light over/under.

Two Caesar Guerini projects, Maxisbore and Duecon, combine in the barrel engineering. 

The new "Maxisbore" bore geometry and the new "Duecon" cone between chamber and bore give the shot a higher velocity with minimum deformation, guaranteeing an optimal spread with a notable reduction in recoil.

Five 60 mm interchangeable Maxischoke chokes are supplied with the over/under, respectively */ **/ ***/**** and cyl ***** 

view of Magnus Light
The Caesar Guerini Magnus Light: the barrels of different lengths with the interchangeable chokes supplied make this over/under an excellent shotgun for many different types of hunting.

The barrels on the 12 and 20-gauge Magnus Light shotguns are homologated for special alloy loads to hunt water fowl in damp areas where the use of lead shot if forbidden. The top rib is ventilated, while the side ribs are full-section. The front sight is a brass sphere. 

The Magnus Light over/under is a shotgun in full Caesar Guerini style to the core, with elegant lines and a time-tested mechanism, designed to give the best ballistic results in terms of precise and easy handling, but above all in terms of reliability and strength.

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