Caesar Guerini Ellipse Evo over/under

One look at the sinuous and elegant lines of the round body action on the Caesar Guerini Ellipse Evo over/under is enough to give you an idea of the harmonious proportions of the mechanical parts that fit perfectly in the wood. 

The mechanism is milled out of a solid block, there are no marks left by machine tools making this a solid and reliable gun, assembled without using screws to fit the stock and forend so there is no room for play or tolerance, and more room for the hand engraving. We’ve come to expect this attention to detail from the Marcheno gun-maker, producing beautiful guns of proven reliability. 

Available in 12/20/28 and 410 bore sizes, the Ellipse Evo over/under, with a barrel length and bore size that can be customised by the hunter, can be successfully used for various types of hunting.

Automatic ejectors on the Caesar Guerini Ellipse Evo over/under
The Caesar Guerini Ellipse Evo over/under is available in all the main smooth hunting bores and can be customised in various configurations with a variety of barrel lengths and chokes to suit many different types of hunting.

Available barrel lengths range from 66 and 71 to 76 cm, covering a wide range of hunting requirements, from walked-up game shooting at short to medium ranges with gun dogs, to hunting from a hide or field, often at the limits of the gun’s range. 

The 12 and 20-gauge barrels are homologated for use with special alloy shot so they can be used to hunt waterfowl and in all areas where lead shot can’t be used for environmental reasons. 

On this type of hunt, hunters will be sure to appreciate the high performance offered by the geometry that Caesar Guerini has developed to increase muzzle velocity and make the spread more compact, making your shots all the more lethal at medium to long ranges. 

Unlocking the Caesar Guerini Ellipse Evo over/under is smooth thanks to the spiral spring-loaded firing pins in a hammerless configuration
The metal parts of the Ellipse Evo over/under are decorated with elegant hand-engraved floral motifs.

The Maxisbore and Duecon features are particular cones used between the chamber and the bore that increase the pressure that acts on the shot for higher muzzle velocities, without deforming the spherical shape of the shot, maintaining hardness for greater precision, with a notable reduction in recoil.

These barrels can be used with maxischoke triple alloy steel chokes that have a less pronounced choke angle giving you a better spread, so the 12-gauge Ellipse Evo has an even wider range of use. 

On the 20-gauge and all the smaller bores, the five internal, interchangeable chokes are */ **/ ***/ **** and ***** selectachokes. 

The side rib is full-section, while the top rib is conical with the brass front sight on the end. 

The wood used on the Caesar Guerini Ellipse Evo is oil-finished European walnut
The special rounded Prince of Wales stock is a great help when aiming the Ellipse Evo over/under however big or small your hands. The rounded trigger guard makes it easy to use the trigger even when wearing gloves.

The Ellipse Evo comes with a single trigger system. The trigger guard is rounded and leaves you enough space to use the gun easily when wearing gloves. The action, trigger guard and unlocking lever are enriched with floral engraving.

The locking lugs on the monobloc engage in the solid bottom of the action, the firing pins have a double sear and are spring-loaded on spiral, preloaded, constant-effect springs. This configuration means the firing pins never protrude from the face of the action after firing, guaranteeing added safety and smooth breaking after firing. 

The automatic ejectors are activated by a cam milled out of a solid piece, which provides clean and reliable ejection, will the ejector stop has no sharp edges and is extremely robust even under intense use. 

The wood used on the Ellipse Evo over/under is select, oil-finished European walnut with the special Caesar Guerini Invisalloy treatment, which increases its resistance to atmospheric agents while bringing out the grain. The special, smooth and rounded Prince of Wales grip is comfortable for hands of various sizes.

The butt pad is made of the same chequered wood. The fine chequering is applied by hand, emphasising the ergonomic qualities of the gun. The Ellipse Evo weighs what one would expect from a shotgun like this, although you actually notice it less when aiming as it’s very well-balanced. The 12-gauge over/under with 71 cm barrels weighs around 3 kg, while the smaller bores are about 2.8 kg. 

For more information, visit the Caesar Guerini  website.

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