Benelli Super Black Eagle II: Semiautomatic shotgun for hunters

The Italian firearms manufacturer Benelli decisively shaped the market for hunting shotguns specifically for hunting waterfowl with its semiautomatic Super Black Eagle. The well-known model from the Benelli firearm series was one of the first hunting shotguns to be equipped for 2.75", 3" and 3.5" shells.

The weapon is designed for harsh environments and impresses even when operating under the most demanding conditions. Hunting wildfowl at long distances – especially waterfowl – places stringent demands on the hunter, the weapon, and the gear. At the same time, the Super Black Eagle has never been found lacking in comfort or functionality.

Benelli Super Black Eagle II in black
The semiautomatic shotgun Benelli Super Black Eagle II 25th Anniversary Edition in Black Cerakote.

The semiautomatic Benelli Super Black Eagle II 25th Anniversary Edition in caliber 12/89 is not just a great fit for aficionados of the time-honored classic, and instead offers plenty for all types of hunters – especially those looking to bag wildfowl. The mechanics and design make for a first-rate shotgun that excels across a broad range of possible uses.

The Benelli ComforTech stock absorbs some of the recoil energy for gentler handling, while also limiting the muzzle flip by around 40%. The 71-centimeter barrel with three interchangeable chokes – Extended Crio IC, Extended Crio M und Extended Crio F – promises peerless cover. The elongated, luminescent red sight is a perfectly contrasted sighting aid to give the shooter the necessary precision.

Benelli Super Black Eagle II Realtree
The Realtree Max-5 variant of the semiautomatic Benelli Super Black Eagle II 25th Anniversary Edition.

The limited edition Benelli Super Black Eagle II is a particularly rugged hunting shotgun with a brushed nickel receiver that makes it resistant to corrosion. The magazine capacity is 3+1 shells in 12/89 Super Magnum caliber. Roughly 126 cm in length, the shotgun weighs in at just under 3310 g. Despite its heft, the semiautomatic shotgun remains decidedly easy to handle and extremely robust. The Benelli Super Black Eagle II limited edition is available with a Black Cerakote or Realtree Max-5 finish. The manufacturer’s recommended retail price for both models is US$ 1999.

A bagged goose
The limited edition of the Benelli Super Black Eagle II semiautomatic shotgun in 12/89 Super Magnum caliber is perfectly suited for hunting wildfowl.

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