Benelli Raffaello Black Power Bore

The Benelli Raffaello Black Power Bore is a light and versatile shotgun that is particularly suited to walked-up game shooting thanks to its compact weight of less than 3 kg with 70-cm barrel, as well as the comfort provided by its recoil dampening system, its mechanics, the geometry of its barrels and its sleek and slender lines that hint at the gun's easy handling. 

As the latest semi-automatic shotguns in the Raffaello 12-gauge range, the Power Bore and Power Bore Black both rely on the same mechanical system but differ in terms of barrel type, woods and light yet immensely strong alloy finish of the receiver.  

As its name suggests, anodised black is the colour that completely dominates the Power Bore Black, with a fusion of straight and curved lines that give the shotgun its refined and highly distinctive look. 

Benelli Raffaello Black Power Bore
The slender Benelli Raffaello Black Power Bore semi-automatic is quick to aim, making it perfect for walked-up game shooting. Weighing less than 3 kg, it is ideal for hunters on long marches and instinctive shooting.

The gun is extremely versatile thanks to its 12/76 gauge, making it suitable for cartridges ranging from 24 to 56 grams of lead. It can be used for many different types of hunting, from small migratory game to sedentary prey.  

It features Benelli's tried and tested classic inertia-driven loading system with rotating head.  Recent research and development conducted by the company from Urbino, Italy has led to further developments to the bolt assembly, which returns to its initial locked position whatever the conditions, even if it is bumped around as is typical when on a hunt. The shotgun is therefore always ready to shoot and the safety is guaranteed. 

Relentless in their continuous research, Benelli has redesigned the loading system on the Raffaello Black, introducing significant practical and functional features when on a hunt. 

To make cartridge loading easier and more fluid, the magazine's opening has been widened and made rounder as part of the company's Easy Loading system. The unloading lever has also been improved to make it easier to operate, even when wearing gloves. 

The stock of the Benelli Raffaello Black Power Bore semi-automatic
The stock of the Raffaello Black Power Bore in grade-2 oil-finished walnut conceals the technology of the Progressive Comfort recoil dampening system that progressively absorbs the impact of the shot.

The overall class of the Raffaello Black is without a doubt summed up by its wooden stock that doesn't compromise on comfort thanks to its recoil dampening system, which ensures both precision and stability at the moment when the hunter fires the gun. 

Benelli has incorporated its Progressive Comfort system into the walnut stock; a gradual recoil dampening system that is inserted in a cavity at the rear of the stock in direct contact with the butt pad. 

The recoil reduction system is made from a special strong and highly-elastic technopolymer comprising a free prismatic shaft fitted with interlocking flexible buffers that progressively flex depending on the strength of the load, absorbing part of the recoil energy. The Benelli Raffaello Black Power Bore features grade-2 oil-finished European walnut. 

Right profile of the Benelli Raffaello Black Power Bore
Suitable for cartridges ranging from 24 to 56 grams, the Raffaello Black semi-automatic 12-gauge with 76-mm magnum chamber is extremely versatile and can be used to hunt a wide variety of game.

The curved lines of the pistol stock broaden at the grip cap, enabling the shooter to keep a firm grip with their finger perpendicular to the trigger, ready to take the shot. 

On the top, the soft interchangeable polyurethane comb dampens the vibrations that would otherwise be transmitted to the cheekbone when firing, and partially softens the acoustic effect. 

Aesthetics and functionality are in perfect balance thanks to the harmonious lines of the Raffaello Black. Benelli forends have always been renowned for their sleek and streamlined look, and the Raffaello Black Power Bore is no exception with enhanced streamlining for better grip and improved appearance. A new polymer insert anti-locking system facilitates the easy unscrewing of the locking cap, thereby preventing rusting due to moisture. 

Set of Benelli chokes
To make the Raffaello Black even more versatile and suitable for many different types of hunting, the shotgun comes with a complete set of Criochoke 7‑cm internal and interchangeable chokes. Approved for the use of steel shot, it can even be used to hunt waterfowl.

The polished blued barrel, available in 61, 65, 70 and 75 cm lengths, is fixed to the receiver and features a traditional inner profile, with a system that ensures no play even after extensive use. It is approved for the use of steel shot even with the standard internal and interchangeable 70-mm Criochokes provided.

The barrel to receiver coupling mechanism also prevents even the slightest displacement of the shaft of the barrel itself, either when taking a second shot or when assembling or reassembling the shotgun. 

The ventilated metallic rib features a pink plastic, high-visibility fluorescent sight. The Raffaello Black semi-automatic, the fruit of Benelli's latest development project, was designed to offer enhanced operability in all hunting conditions. The result is a shotgun that promises total reliability and ballistic performance to satisfy the needs of hunters of numerous and often opposing disciplines, offering each the same guarantee of success. 

The Raffaello Black semi-automatic comes with a technopolymer carry case, a set of chokes, a wrench, plates to adjust the drop of the stock, quick-release sling swivel mount, a bottle of Benelli oil and a user and spare parts manual. 

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