Benelli Raffaello Ethos 28 Magnum semi-automatic hunting shotgun

The Benelli Ethos semi-automatic is the first and only 28-gauge shotgun with 76-mm Magnum chamber. 

This makes the shotgun even more dynamic and versatile, which is further refined both by its lines and the impressive engravings that adorn the nickel-plated receiver. 

Fans of small-gauge shotguns can now buy an even more stable and reliable gun that is compatible with a wide range of loads. Weighing just 2.4 kg, it is particularly suited to walked-up game shooting but is also the ideal weapon for game and more challenging shots. 

The entire range of Benelli Ethos semi-automatics is designed around cartridges that are loaded into the chamber, which further enhances the lightness, ease-of-use and aesthetics of this shotgun. 

Right profile of the Benelli Ethos 28 semi-automatic
The Benelli Raffaello Ethos 28 Magnum, a shotgun that maintains the slender and streamlined shape of the other Ethos semi-automatics despite taking 21-28 gram cartridges.

The 28/76 may partially bridge the performance gap between the 20-gauge and the 28-gauge, which could lead to the development of buckshot and slug loads offering a certain level of efficacy. However, another major advantage of this weapon is that steel shot can be loaded much more easily with the 28/76 than with the 28/70, making it ideal for hunting waterfowl. 

What's more, the larger chamber could also be used to increase the "springiness" of the wad to reduce perceived recoil compared to the 28/70 with larger and/or faster loads. 

Given the high-performance loads available on the market, Magnum-chambered shotguns offer guaranteed stability and control with more powerful cartridges, in addition to optimal results.

Benelli Ethos 28: Progressive Comfort® System

Receiver of the Benelli Raffaello Ethos 28 Magnum
The nickel-plated receiver of the Raffaello Ethos houses Benelli's quick and reliable Inertia Driven® system with rotating bolt head.

Although the elegance and ease-of-use of a shotgun is largely determined by its light weight, Benelli has never compromised in terms of user comfort, performance or the aesthetics of its firearms. 

Its elegant models with walnut stock, such as the Ethos 28, are equipped with Benelli's patented Progressive Comfort® recoil reduction system, which reduces shoulder strain and muzzle rise whether shooting low- or high-energy loads. 

The interlocking gel buffers concealed in the wooden stock progressively absorb recoil and muzzle rise dependent on the strength of the load. 

The reduced recoil and enhanced comfort of the stock make the shotgun much easier to handle and shoulder, which further enhances its performance when on a hunt.

The stock plays an absolutely key role, which is why the Ethos 28 semi-automatic comes with a drop and cast kit, interchangeable combs and the option to adjust the length of pull.

The interchangeable comb of the Ethos 28 is made of special polyurethane and can be replaced quickly and without tools. This really softens contact between the stock and the shooter's cheek by dampening any impacts or vibrations, while also minimising any risk of hearing loss caused by the vibrations of the stock being transmitted to the shooter's jaw and on to the ear.

Mechanics of the Benelli Ethos semi-automatic

The Benelli Raffaello Ethos 28 Magnum disassembled
The specially designed bore and small diameter of the Benelli Ethos Crio Power Bore barrel guarantees optimum velocity, penetration and spread. A high-visibility fibre optic sight is mounted on the end of the extremely light carbon fibre rib.

The mechanics of this shotgun are centred around Benelli's simple and reliable Inertia Driven® System with rotating bolt head for guaranteed durability and robustness, capable of quickly and reliably cycling cartridges weighing from 21 to 28 grams. 

The bolt of the Raffaello Ethos 28 can be locked in place by simply pushing the bolt handle forward as far as it will go for a slow and silent lock. 

The rear loading port has been widened to make inserting cartridges into the magazine tube even quicker and easier. 

Shotguns with an inertia-driven geometric lock are also easier to clean and allow particularly slender forends to be designed, such as that fitted to the Ethos 28. Easy to hold, it is specially designed for the hunter to find a natural and comfortable grip when aiming. 

Both the forearm and the stock are made from select European walnut and finished with WOOD FX treatment, which brings out and enhances the natural shine and grain of the wood, with 1.5-mm chequering. 

Cryogenic Power Bore barrel

Loading port of the Benelli Raffaello Ethos 28 Magnum
The loading port of the Ethos 28 Magnum has been widened to make inserting cartridges even quicker and easier.

The cryogenic Crio Power Bore barrel of the Ethos 28 Magnum is fitted with a carbon fibre rib and Criochoke chokes. 

The cryogenic Power Bore barrel, with specially designed bore and extremely small diameter, guarantees optimum velocity and penetration.

The cryogenically hardened barrel minimises vibrations from the shot, resulting in a consistent and precise spread, whilst also preventing overheating even after intensive use. 

The carbon fibre rib fitted with high-visibility fibre optic sight keeps the weight of the barrel down and moves the balance of the gun slightly further back, making it easier to aim and faster to shoulder. 

The broad and well-rounded trigger guard is also specially designed for quick and easy use, ensuring the hunter has enough space to reach for the trigger quickly for that instinctive shot, even when wearing gloves.

The new Benelli Ethos 28 Magnum semi-automatic features the same elegant design as the other Ethos models, while offering hunters the thrill and pleasure of hunting all day. Suitable for a variety of hunting environments and for game that requires more powerful ammunition and a robust weapon, this quick, light and reliable shotgun also guarantees comfort and precision.  

For further information, please visit the Benelli website.

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