Benelli Raffaello 50° Anniversary

A revolutionary rearming system lay at the heart of the first Benelli semiautomatic inertia-driven action, a system that dates back to half a century ago.

It was a new way of interpreting the hunting shotgun, and in 1967 it was a huge success with hunters. In time, an all the more extensive range of shotguns has catered for the various and growing demands of hunters and gun collectors. 

IWA 2017: limited series of Raffaello shotguns 

Engraving on the Raffaello's action
The elegant engraving on the Raffaello's action is crowned by the logo for Benelli's 50° anniversary.

At this edition of the IWA 2017 trade fair, Benelli presents two limited edition series of its Raffaello, one of its most emblematic semiautomatics, to celebrate the company’s 50th anniversary.

The elegance of the woods and the attention to detail in the fine engraving applied by bottega Giovanelli makes these shotguns even more exclusive. Production is limited to 1,000 12-gauge models and 500 20-gauge guns.

Floral motifs alternate with game birds in flight and hunting scenes with subjects highlighted in gold on the sides of the thin, lightweight Ergal receiver. This series is in fact designed along the lines of the lovely 12/76 and 20/76 calibre Raffaello Ethos

Raffaello's stock 
The Raffaello's stock is built using Premium Grade 4 walnut that's hand oil finished; the stock includes Benelli's Progressive Comfort recoil damping technology.

Lightweight semiautomatic shotguns, easy to handle, in a design where technology goes hand-in-hand with aesthetic qualities.

One good example of this is the Benelli Progressive Comfort system, which is hidden behind the fine, oil-finished, grade 4 walnut butt plate. This system progressively dampens recoil using flexible buffers and helps reduce muzzle rise on the basis of the loads in the cartridges fired. 

Benelli Raffaello forearm
The forearm of the Benelli Raffaello anniversary is built using the same Grade 4 walnut as the stock.

The fully ergonomic features of the stock are optimized by a special interchangeable polyurethane butt pad.

The Power Bore crio polished blued barrels with a carbon fibre rib are drilled to very precise diameters to guarantee a higher muzzle velocity and greater penetration of the shot.

Available barrels lengths include 61, 65, 70 and 76 cm for the 12-gauge and 65, 70 cm for the 20-gauge. 

IThe guns come with a set of internal interchangeable crio chokes. Every part of these guns adds up to making them extremely versatile, just like all Benelli semiautomatics, and this series meets the requirements of even the most demanding hunter in terms of aesthetic appeal, providing all the necessary functionality needed for walked-up hunting. The new Benelli Raffaello 12-gauge weighs 2.9 kg, while the 20-gauge weighs 2.6 kg.

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