Benelli M2, the semiauto with a taste for hunting

hunting waterfowl
The Benelli M2 semiauto adapts perfectly to many different types of hunting and shooting; the camouflage version is ideal for hunting waterfowl.
Benelli M2 camouflage
Benelli M2: designed to be used in the most difficult environments, the M2 semiauto proves to be a reliable, strong and fully functional gun.

From pure, no compromise hunting in difficult environments for a variety of game, to action shooting where putting yourself to the test is the best fun ever. 

This vast range of different environmental, and therefore also ballistic and functional conditions, are well within the reach of the Benelli M2 semiauto

What is more, this gun proves its potential and meets the requirements of modern hunters because it was designed specifically to do just that, to satisfy the omnivore in each one of us in terms of hunting thrills, although it is anything but generic. 

Hunting is a pleasure, a way to live and interpret the feelings that outings into the countryside can bring. There are those who want to live these feelings exclusively, dedicating their time and energy to one specific hunting “discipline”, making one type of game and its habitat the hunter's only objective, and then there are those who love change, the diversity of different situations that can so easily be found in nature with the variety of game to be had. 

Versatile hunters, who start the summer season hunting turtle doves and wood pigeon, then lie in wait for migratory game as it passes, or perhaps a day of walked-up game shooting with their retriever, and then in winter will go for a day's boar hunting with friends, and if there is a storm brewing might take a shot at some waterfowl too. At the end of the hunting season, to continue to enjoy the challenge and keep your eye in, why not try your hand at dynamic target shooting? For all of these hunting and shooting situations, the Benelli M2 is perfect.

Benelli M2: research and innovation

Sistema Comfort Tech
Benelli M2: with the constructional technology used, the assortment of barrels and chokes and the ComforTech system, the shotgun can be used with any type of ammo, from normal shot, to heavier loads for target shooting and when hunting bigger game.

Benelli research and innovation is not just found in their pure hunting guns; you will also find the same standard in products that can meet the requirements of customers who have become more and more demanding, with a variety of needs to satisfy. 

The Benelli M2, which is the technical evolution of the M1 super 90, is a versatile and reliable semiauto; an excellent multipurpose tool.

There are several important aesthetic and functional features on this gun, which put it at the top of the range in terms of efficiency, reliability and safety, not to mention versatility and strength. 

The use of hard-wearing materials such as technopolymers for the stock and forend make the M2 an extremely strong gun, resistant to any external agent, even in the worst weather conditions.

You will see it in the hands of a duck hunter on a cold, wet winter's day, or on a boar hunt in thick brush. 

Benelli M2 versions
Benelli M2: the shotgun has the same Benelli mechanical heart, in different versions, so the M2 range can meet the requirements of the most demanding and versatile of hunters and shooters at the same time.

The gun is the result of meticulous and innovative research into the mechanism and design: the matt black anodized Ergal receiver stands out with its unmistakeable captivating streamlined styling while the polymer stock and forend guarantee lightness and strength, with the 12-gauge tipping the scales at around 3 kg. 

The repeater mechanism is the patented Benelli Inertia Driven® system with a rotary head bolt; reliable and practical to clean. 

The trigger guard is oversized making it easy to reach the trigger even when wearing gloves. 

You will have an optimal grip on the gun in any situation: the AirTouch high-tech checkering on the pistol grip and forend give the hunter a sure grip in any conditions. 

The new AirTouch checkering takes advantage of the polymer moulding process and thanks to the aerodynamics of the microspheres, the result is natural ventilation of the hand while guaranteeing a solid grip and precise aiming. One thing that increases the precision and strength of the M2 semiauto is the secure and stable way the barrel is anchored to the receiver, with a rear extension of the coupling point that guarantees the greatest precision and shooting stability. 

Benelli M2 butts
Benelli M2: the time-tested Benelli ComforTech system reduces the recoil and kick of the gun by as much as 47%. A vast range of butts for right or left-handed hunters lets you adapt the gun perfectly to the hunter's anatomy.

The Benelli ComforTech recoil dampening system in the stock effectively reduces recoil and muzzle rise. 

It is an integrated system consisting of the stock, butt and comb, with a high capacity for deformation, capable of absorbing part of the energy produced in the form of recoil when shooting. Made of polymers, the butt plate system has 12 slots in the form of a boomerang on both sides, which make the butt more flexible, creating an effective barrier against recoil. 

The geometry has been designed to reduce and absorb the kick produced when the gun is fired, before it reaches the shooter's shoulder. This makes it easy to get off a second shot with greater precision also thanks to the stability and ergonomic qualities of the shotgun. 

The numerous custom configurations of the Benelli M2 make it extremely versatile to use: with a short barrel and special sights it is perfect for target shooting, while with longer barrels, interchangeable chokes and the ComforTech stocks with the drop adjustment kit it becomes the perfect hunter's shotgun. All M2 shotguns come with a kit of plates to adjust the drop and centreline of the stock, so it can be adapted to any hunter. The shape, size, availability of three different sized butts and the possibility of adjusting the drop, will make aiming the gun feel totally natural in your hands, giving you total control of the weapon. 

Benelli M2: specifications

Benelli M2 receiver
Benelli M2: the matt black anodized Ergal receiver is light and strong. The mechanism is the Benelli Inertia Driven® system with a rotary head bolt.

The barrels available for the M2 semiauto are proof of how flexibility is the main strength of this shotgun, as it can be customized to become a specialized and dedicated gun thanks to the wide range of barrels available. 

With a kit of 5 chokes, the Benelli Varichoke barrels come in a variety of lengths and spread distribution, adapting perfectly to every environment and hunting style with ranges from short to medium/long. Available barrel lengths are 54, 61, 65 and 70 cm and chokes are (*/**/***/****/cyl.). 

Benelli M2 with sight
Fitting an optical sight and the dedicated slug barrel turns the Benelli M2 into a perfect boar hunting semiauto, fast and precise to aim in the dense woods.

To meet all possible market requirements, Benelli also produces a left-handed version of the shotgun, with interchangeable Varichoke barrels and a ventilated rib in 61, 65 and 70 cm versions (*/**/***/****/cyl). The main feature of the left-handed gun is that the cartridge is ejected from the left, which represents an incredible advantage for a left-handed hunter in terms of concentration, speed and smoothness. 

Thanks to the M2, left-handed hunters no longer have to watch the cartridge fly across their face distracting them from the target, meaning evident advantages in terms of the speed and ease with which you can get off a good second shot. The M2 ComforTech for left-handed hunters is a semiauto with an inertia-driven mechanism and unmistakably aggressive styling, offering total reliability in any situation.

Benelli M2 detail
For hunters who love that classic line, as well as the black polymer version, Benelli also produces the M2 semiauto with a walnut stock and forend.
Benelli M2 grip
The look of the Benelli M2 semiauto is streamlined and aggressive; the AirTouch high-tech chequering gives you a solid grip and precise aim.

As well as the modern and aggressive black technopolymer version, the M2 is also available in a Camo version which will doubtless be very useful for hunters waiting in a hide for shy game such as duck or wood pigeon. 

For the traditionalist, lovers of classic materials and lines, Benelli also produces a version with a walnut stock and forend. The M2 is also available in a compact version (short LOP version). 

The Compact is the ideal semiauto for a hunter who wants a gun that is fast and immediate to aim. Smaller hunters, youngsters and women will really appreciate the advantages.

The Slug version with 47, 50 and 61 cm barrels, fitted with a laterally adjustable rear sight and a fixed front sight is ideal for boar hunting, thanks to its strength and manoeuvrability even in the thickest brush.

The M2 range includes eight 12-gauge and two 20-gauge models. There are three models for left-handed hunters, two 12-gauge and one 20-gauge. 

The M2 is therefore a gun that is good at just about everything, reliable and powerful: the Benelli inertia driven system, the simplicity of the design and the materials used make it easy to handle, fast and precise in every condition. Semiauto shotguns that guarantee operational fluidity, are simple to clean, and as strong and efficient as it gets, in any situation.

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