Benelli Black Eagle 28 magnum: the field test

Practicality and comfort

The design of the trigger guard makes the shotgun easier to swing and facilitates loading cartridges into the tube magazine. 

The ComforTech 3 recoil reduction system built into the Benelli Black Eagle's stock acts in conjunction with the interchangeable polyurethane cheek comb pad that is especially soft and pleasant to contact when firing and in follow-up shots.

Increasing the overall comfort of the gun is the AirTouch checkering that reduces hand sweating and ensures a firm grip on the gun. The design of the wide trigger guard makes wielding easier for differently-sized hands, and despite the small caliber it allows the use of gloves during the winter season.

The Benelli Easy Loading and Easy Locking systems facilitate operation while the new Easy Locking bolt lock ensures that the gun is always ready to fire.

Video: Benelli Black Eagle 28 magnum, the field test

Performance in the field

Thanks to the construction features and materials used, the Black Eagle semi-automatic can adapt to hunting in any type of environment.

During our test held we had the opportunity to appreciate the quick reloading of the Black Eagle semi-automatic and its effectiveness both in breaking clay pigeons and on partridges, pheasants and red-legged partridges.

Using Fiocchi cartridges at the shooting range and Baschieri Extra Rossa 26-grain cartridges  – an intermediate weight for the 28-gauge – on the hunting ground, we were able to appreciate once again the performance of the Benelli cryogenic barrels with which the Black Eagle is fitted.

At short ranges safe shots are achieved, and unintentionally there was also an opportunity to try a long shot with a red partridge, twice missed and shot down with the third round at a distance of more than 30 meters. Vibrations can be perceived when firing but they do not disturb aiming and accuracy. Available barrel lengths are 65 or 70 cm, with the 76-mm magnum chamber allowing wide choice in loadings from 21 to 32 grams. 

The carbon fiber rib contributes to the gun's light weight, and the fiber optic bead is clearly visible. The Black Eagle 28 semi-automatic is delivered by Benelli with an interchangeable choke kit and adrop change kit. Weighing in at 2.5 kilograms, the Black Eagle 28 magnum presents itself as an aesthetically sporty, ultra-lightweight and fun solution for small-gauge enthusiasts who nevertheless need a gun that is reliable and safe in hunting performance.

For more information on the Black Eagle semi-automatic shotgun please visit the Benelli website.

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