Benelli 828U Black over/under

The Black version of the Benelli 828U over/under has another tone, more modern and captivating. The sinuous lines of the action are enhanced by a sophisticated contrast of gloss and matt finishes. The upper and lower parts have an elegant black satin finish; the central strip has a modern black gloss finish, producing a lovely contrast with the name of the model that stands out in white.

A touch of class both different and unmistakable, on a shotgun that’s already made a name for itself with its new mechanism. This over/under can be used for any type of hunting, but its characteristics make it a shotgun "par excellence" for walked-up game shooting, using medium 28-36 gram shot high velocity cartridges, often having to take shots at fleeing, fast-moving targets, where the gun has to be fast to shoulder for instinctive shooting. The ergonomic qualities of the shotgun combine with perfect ballistic performance to give the hunter just what they want.

The Benelli 828U Black action
The elegant black anodised Ergal action with its gloss/matt finish on the Benelli 828U Black over/under.

The Ergal 55 receiver and the barrels with the upper carbon fibre rib help keep the weight down. 

The 828U Black over/under with 70 cm barrels weighs less than 2.9 kg, a real lightweight for a 12-gauge. 

The time-tested Benelli patented progressive comfort system dampens recoil with its technopolymer comb, partially dampening also the noise produced by the shot. Thanks to the ergonomic design, the special polyurethane comb gives the hunter a pleasant feeling of softness and warmth, as well as partially isolating the body from the gun.

We’ve already had the chance to appreciate this system on Benelli Power Bore guns, and now the system has been optimised for the over/under by modifying the number and thickness of the interlocking flexible buffers. 

This absorbs recoil progressively as the recoil generated by the cartridges increases from low to high power. With 40 drop and cast adjustments, Benelli lets you customise your very own gun to make it the natural extension of the hunter’s eye and arm.

The Benelli 828U shotgun in its case
The Benelli 828U Black over/under comes with a custom PVC case and a set of internal interchangeable 7 cm crio chokes.

The biggest innovation on the over/under is the LOCK PLATE system. This brilliantly simple device guarantees strong and reliable locking while making mechanical stress on the action a thing of the past.

Strength is guaranteed by a steel plate, the hinge pins don’t come into contact when the gun is fired, and only actually engage to break the barrels. 

The smooth and easy break action is one of the first things that really stands out in this new over/under concept; the lever is used to arm the hammers, therefore without affecting the barrels, with the 2-fold advantage of guaranteeing the break will always be soft and immediate, while eliminating any pressure on the hinge pins. Light and easy to shoulder, but still as strong and reliable as ever. 

The 828U has air-pressure ejectors and the ejection system is built into the monobloc, so there is no mechanical linkage between the trigger and forend. The pressure generated by the cartridge activates the ejector pin that ejects the fired cartridge. 

The whole trigger system can easily be removed for routine cleaning; the selective single trigger works on the basis of an inertia system, switching from one barrel to the next as the weight moves. This guarantees the greatest safety: the gun cannot fire unless it is perfectly locked.

The barrels with the carbon fibre rib on the Benelli 828U.
The Power Bore barrels on the 828U Black over/under are Benelli crio barrels joined just at the monobloc and muzzle so they're free to vibrate, and this also keeps the weight down while improving ballistic performance.

The monobloc on the 828U is a single piece with quite a complicated design made by machine tools working to very fine tolerances, characterised by two cylindrical “protuberances” on which the barrels engage. 

For the best ballistic performance, the vibrational frequency of the barrels must remain as constant as possible. 

On the Benelli 828U over/under, thanks to the carbon fibre rib and with the barrels joined only at the muzzle and monobloc, the barrels are free to vibrate. With no side ribbing the tubes can be perfectly aligned and are free to vibrate, minimising mechanical tension. 

The barrels with a maximum bore diameter of 18.5 mm have a crio Power Bore core. All the barrels are fitted with 7 cm criochokes, which are also subject to cryogenic tempering, and can be used with lead-free alloy shot.

Benelli 828U Black over/under shotgun
The 828U Black over/under seen from the side, a shotgun that stands out from the crowd thanks to the fine wood, its captivating design and the very latest Benelli technology.

To sum up, the 828U Black over/under is a combination of technology and aesthetic beauty, with a select European oil-finished walnut stock with recoil dampening system inside and a thin, streamlined forend with its fine chequered pattern giving extra grip just where it’s needed.

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