Wild boar hunting with F.A.I.R. Traqueur and Leisure Slug over/unders

Wild boar and, more generally, ungulates driven hunting provides very different shooting situations depending on the position and the role of hunters, whether they are waiting in a blind or following the dogs. Very often, the encounter with the wild boar is very close and the time available for shooting is very limited. It is here that a handy and accurate gun weapon plays a fundamental role, and some features make the difference.  

Especially for those who concentrate on the action of dogs, directing their movements during the search, the gun must guarantee absolute effectiveness and ease of transport even in the most inaccessible environments. Ruggedness and compactness are the essential characteristics of these firearms, which are often entrusted with the task of protecting dogs from direct confrontation with wild dogs that do not flee, but wait for their pursuers to attack. The number of rounds available in this case is relative because it is almost always the first shot that is lethal, fired at close range when the wild animal is near the dogs. For this reason, dog handlers or trackers rely on the compactness and swinging speed of break-action, side-by-side and over/under guns that are quick to aim and always safe to open and inspect at any time during the hunt, even in the thickest environments. 

New F.A.I.R. Traqueur over/under for boar hunting 

A new over/under offered by F.A.I.R. in this 2020, the Traqueur model owes its name to the specific use it is designed for. Starting from the tracker's role and the needs in terms of guns we have just described, this over/under conceived for hunting in the woods is available both in 12 and 20 gauges with a 21.6”/55 cm long barrels and a 3”/76 mm “Magnum” chamber – a compact-sized gun with sturdy mechanics. The barrels, as always with F.A.I.R., are chrome-lined to avoid corrosion due to lead residues and guarantee the gun's longevity and accuracy even after heavy use. The raised half-rib, typical for use in driven hunting, features a yellow metal rear sight and an adjustable, high visibility red fiber optic front sight. Being able to accurately aim in the woods where light is often low is fundamental for the hunter. For this reason, there are tapped and drilled holes along the rib for the mounting of optics and red dots. 

F.A.I.R. Traqueur over-under shotgun
The new F.A.I.R. Traqueur over/under presented in 2020 is available in 12 and 20 gauges.

The receiver is machined entirely from solid forged billet and is essential in its lines, highlighted by a pleasant black finish in which matte and bright surfaces alternate. The model's name is engraved with gold inlays, while on the receiver bottom we find a deep laser-engraved wild boar head. Trigger is single selective, while shell ejection is manual. We were talking about lightness as a non-negligible feature of guns for hunters who have to follow the often hectic phases of the dogs' work in the woods. The Traqueur over/under weighs 61.7 lb/2.8 kg in the 12-gauge version and 57.3 lb/2.6 in the 20-ga version, which undoubtedly should be considered as standard values. The stock with a large pistol grip makes handling quick and safe, providing the hunter with a firm purchase, which is also facilitated by the deep laser checkering that can be found along the Schnabel forend. The wood used in the F.A.I.R. Traqueur over/under is select European walnut, oil-finished and with FX treatment. Among the strengths of the new over/under presented by F.A.I.R., the quality/price ratio  is undoubtedly not negligible, since this shotgun has a suggested price of 1189 euro. 

F.A.I.R. Leisure Slug, an over/under for hunting in the forest

For double-barreled gun lovers who refuse to give up the aesthetics and functionality of over/unders but prefer a more aggressive and modern look, it is also worth mentioning the Leisure Slug model, that has been in the F.A.I.R. catalog for some years. It's a over/under gun also with specific features designed for hunting in the forest, but with a finish aimed at offering greater visibility and ergonomics when the hunter is in action. The high-visibility camouflage orange finish reminds us of polymer stocks, made to guarantee maximum resistance against dense vegetation and from external agents. Here, anyway, it is walnut wood that received a “soft touch” protective coating. The technical characteristics of the Leisure over/under are typical of F.A.I.R., i.e. mechanical parts machined from solid billet and high ballistic quality barrels, here too with a length of 21.6”/55 cm and choke values common for hunting in the forest – a cylinder choke for the first barrel and 3-star choke for the second one. The over/under Leisure Slug is available in 12 and 20 gauges, in both cases with 3”/76 mm “Magnum” chambers. Trigger is single selective, with hand shell ejection. The nickel-plated receiver has laser engravings with boar hunting scenes. The short barrels and the stock design already suggest the quick swinging qualities of this over/under. The red fiber optic front sight and the rear sight with two bright green fiber optic rods is an intuitive and precise system to immediately locate wild game in the vegetation before the decisive shot.

F.A.I.R. Leisure Slug over/under
The F.A.I.R. Leisure Slug over/under, a high-visibility and rugged gun for hunting in the forest. 

For more information on the Traqueur and Leisure Slug over/under shotguns please visit the F.A.I.R. website.

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