New rifles by Voere: S16 and K15A

The Austrian manufacturer Voere Präzisionstechnik GmbH is well-known for its precision and sniper rifles, among them the renown VOERE X3 or LBW-M

Voere S16: technical features

VOERE S16 bolt action rifle
The Voere S16 in .223 Rem.
Magazine of the S16 rifle
The S16 bolt-action rifle features a side-monted magazine.

"Innovation in Carbon“ is the motto of Voere's new S16 bolt action rifle. It is based on the K15A rimfire rifle that could be seen at the Nuremberg fair as well. The S16 in chambered in .223 Rem and weighs in at just below 4.4 lbs / 2 kg. To improve handling in prone position, the magazine is mounted sideways in the receiver. Shooters will be delighted to hear that the S16 accepts any STANAG-compatible (AR-15 type) magazine

The most important innovation is the carbon fiber reinforced barrel responsible for the low weight of the completed rifle. It is available with an integrated suppressor. 

The rifle comes with an adjustable cheek rest and collapsible stock. 

Voere S16 bolt-action rifle: technical data

Model:VOERE S16 (availabe with integral suppressor)
Caliber:.223 Rem.
Magazine:AR-15 STANAG Magazine
Type:bolt-action rifle
System:Cock on opening
Safety:firing pin safety
Trigger:two-stage trigger
Barrel:carbon fibre reinforced
Stock:fibre reinforced synthetic
Color:Flat Dark Earth (FDE) and black
Overall length:100 cm
Weight:4.4 lbs / 2 kg approx. 

In addition to the S16 Voere presented its "small brother“, the K15A, at the IWA in Nürnberg. 

The new K15A bolt-action rifle merges quality manufacturing with an affordable price aiming for sport shooters as well as people who love to find an affordable rifle in .22LR for plinking. 

Voere K15A: technical features

Compared to its predecessor, the K15, the K15A simplifies handling by using a cock on opening mechanism. The 19.6 in / 50cm barrel has a steel core surrounded by a 3mm carbon outer shell. It is additionally equipped with a muzzle thread for mounting suppressors or other muzzle devices. Additionally, the K15A can be ordered with an integrated suppressor. 

VOERE K15A rifle with integral silencer
The Voere K15A suppressed bolt-action rimfire rifle. Here is the version with integral silencer.

The bolt-action rifle comes with a 10-round magazine with the magazine release just in front of the magwell. 

The stock is made from fiber reinforced synthetic material and can be used ambidextrously. It can be adjusted in length and has an integral height adjustable cheek rest. Thus, it can be fitted to almost every shooter. For easy carrying or training, snaplocks are fitted at the side of the stock for mounting a traditional or biathlon sling. Further accessories can be attached using the lower UIT rail for handstops or bipods. Traditional or optical sights can be fitted utilizing the 11mm dovetail rail. 

It comes with a 2-stage trigger offering a wide range of adjustability. The integral firing pin safety completes the package. 

Voere K15A bolt-action rifle: technical data

Model:Voere K15A (also available with integral silencer)
Magazine capacity:10 rounds
System:cock on opening
Safety:firing pin safety
Trigger:two stage trigger
Barrel:carbon fibre reinforced, 50 cm
Stock:fibre reinforced synthetic
Color:Flat Dark Earth (FDE) and black
Overall length:100 cm
Weight:3.3 lbs / 1,5 kg approx. 
Price:599 euro (MRSP) base model
System of the VOERE K15A
The cock on opening system with firing prin safety on the Voere K15A.
Adjustable stock of the VOERE K15A
The Voere K15A bolt-action rimfire rifle has an adjustable stock and cheek rest.

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